Kiko 448 Cobalt Blue

I love blue nail polish, next to red, it's my favorite color to wear. So it may come as no surprise that my favorite out of the Kiko sets that my friend brought me from Italy is the bright blue satin polish.

Kiko 448 Cobalt Blue is a blue cream with a subtle shimmer in it. It's incredibly bright and vibrant, not a color if you don't like your polish to be noticed.

The formula was really nice, it flows on the nail easily and is opaque in 2 coats. It dries fast and incredibly shiny, my swatches are without topcoat. This does tend to stain your nails though, so a base coat is an absolute must!

When I first got this, it reminded me a lot of my favorite blue polish, Essie Butler Please. They are very similar in color, with only the slightest difference, But this one has a shimmer, where as Butler is a straight up cream.

I'm very happy to have both, but they are close enough that you don't need to buy one if you own the other.
What's your favorite blue polish?