#SUMMERNORULES: Recreation of BFF's mani


I can't believe this is the last day for #SUMMERNORULES... I had so much fun and am a little sad it's over. But there's still 1 mani left!

The last theme is recreation of BFF's mani and although I feel like a 12 year old when using the phrase BFF, I do like this theme. My only problem is that my BFF (seriously, can't use that word without giggling a little) does have the same obsession with polish as I do, her stash is almost as big as mine, but she doesn't do nail art. So I could paint my nails a nice color and say voila! but that feels a lot like cheating and I don't want to do that for this last day.

So I gave her a little nudge, saying her mani really could use some nail art to spice it up a little and she gave me dots! Yeah for dots, I'm just happy she didn't go for striping tape (yikes!).

As a base, she used a totally stunning polish, Color Club Peace, Love & Polish. Can we just pause for a minute and take a look at this beauty?

Gorgeous neon pink with a heavy golden shimmer that makes this polish look almost coral on the nail with a pretty amazing formula for a neon. Only 2 easy coats for full opacity and it dries fast. Love, love, love it!

As for the nail art, Fleur added some really dainty white dots around the cuticle. Simple, fun and easy but so cute. I did the same thing, but the first dot turned out a little big, so instead of dainty dots, I have big ol' blobs. But hey, go big or go home, right?

Don't you just love her nails? She's lucky enough to have strong, gorgeous nails with incredibly white tips. I'm not complaining about my nails, they are strong and healthy and almost never break, but I do wish my nails had a bit more of her lovely shape.

Does your BFF love polish as much as you do and do you rock nail art?


Cadillacquer Have a little faith


Lately, I've been loving the more neutral shades, especially paired with a neon or glitter polish. So when my eye caught this neutral base packed with glitter, I had to have it!

Cadillacquer Have a little faith is a grey/taupe/purple base packed with darker grey/taupe/purple and silver glitter. I know... great color description, but it really looks different in every light and I'm sticking with grey/taupe/purple!

The formula was really nice, easy to paint, with a good glitter payoff and it dried fast and glossy. It's opaque in 2 - 3 coats, depending on how thick you do your coats, I only needed 2. Because this is a glitter polish, I would recommend using a top coat to smooth it out.

I absolutely love it! It's such a sophisticated polish, it's totally work appropriate, but still packs a glitter punch! When the sunlight hits the nail, the silver glitters come out to play and make this polish sparkle.

This is my one and only Cadillacquer, but I already know I want more! I have my eye on Seek the fire, State of Emergency and Have a killer day. Cadillacquer is a Swiss indie brand owned and made by Madeline. All polishes are inspired by her favourite songs, movies, games and tv-series and are 3-free.

Do you enjoy a nice neutral polish or are you more of a bright kind of girl?




I love going to the beach, but not so much on a nice, sunny day. The beaches here tend to get a little crowded and I don't really enjoy laying about a feet away from the next person trying to get some sun. So on the really nice days, I avoid the beach, but I love walking on the sand on other days.

For my #SUMMERNORULES Beach mani, I went with a sand, sea and blue skies gradient with a sandy accent.

I love how this turned out! It's very fresh and summery. I used OPI Samoan Sand, Beyond the Nail Spring blue crème (review to come, but a little spoiler: I love it!) and Picture Polish Swagger for my gradient and Zoya Tomoko as my sand accent.

What's your favorite mani to wear to the beach?




If you've been following my blog, Instagram or know me even a little bit, you'll know that my absolute favorite color for my nails is red. I rock every single shade and finish at every occasion. I always say "when in doubt, go for red!" I think every girl should find their perfect red polish and if you do, you're set!

So of course I didn't just pick one favorite red for today's theme, did you really think I would? In order to decide which reds truly are my Summer favorites, I started pulling out all my red polishes. I started with OPI, but when I saw how many reds I had from just that brand, I gave up and just pulled out some of my most worn all time favorites.

In Summer you got to have some glitter! I have 2 that I just can't live without. China Glaze Ruby Pumps is one of the first Chine Glaze polishes I purchased and I still love it in every season. I love this as a Christmas mani, but I also love this in Summer. You can tell I've this bottle is well loved!

A more recent purchase and one that I fell in love with as soon as I saw the bottle, is Loaded Lacquer Cuts like a knife. This is the perfect Summer glitter, the sun makes this sparkle and come to life on the nail. It looks like they're on fire!

If I want a more subdued, sophisticated sparkle, I go for Picture Polish Vegas. This is very orange toned, but it's still definitely red on the nail. This has such a great formula, I love it!

My favorite textured red has to be Zoya Chyna. I love to pair this with a light color in Summer for an extra pop on the nail, but I also rock it as a full mani.

And last, but not least, 2 gorgeous crelly OPI polishes. I think everybody knows about Vodka&Caviar but my absolute all time favorite Summer red has to be Girls just want to play. It's a raspberry red crelly and I am so in love with this polish, it's ridiculous! This deserves way more than just a bottle shot at the end of this post, so I'll do a complete post about this stunner next week!

What's your all time favorite Summer (or any other season) red?




I love nail art and nothing beats a nice dotticure, so todays #SUMMERNORULES theme is right up my alley: Dots. I really wanted to do a simple black and white dotticure, but I though that just didn't suit Summer... So I looked at my polishes, hoping one or two would jump out at me, but sometimes I just have no clue what I want on my nails. I picked up a neon, put it back, picked up a pastel, put it back, picked up a bright pink and put it back... they just didn't feel right. I stared at my stash for a good half an hour until I  realized something... NO RULES! So who cares black and white are not really Summer colors?!? On they went!

My dots didn't turn out as neat as normal, the heat is not only effecting my polishes, but also my dotting skills apparently. When I was finished, I decided to add a little color, by dotting a neon yellow on my accent nail.

I kinda like the final result, it's a nice and simple mani with a hint of Summer.
What's your favorite dotticure?


Glam Polish Pink Ladies


When you ask me what my least favorite kind of polish would be, the answer is a barbie pink holo. Pink just isn't my color, although I am kinda digging the light, baby pinks right now, barbie pink holo's are never going to be my favorite. So that I'm absolutely loving the polish I have to show today is an absolute exception!

Glam Polish Pink Ladies is a bright, almost neon pink scatterd holographic polish, although the holo is very faint and it looks more like iridescent blue flakies on the nail. I actually prefer that, because I'm not the biggest holo fan.

Pink Ladies is part of the Rydell High collectors series, based on Grease. If you're not familiar with Grease, I'm in shock! I love this movie and watched it so many times, I now every single line and song, from both movies! Yes, there are two!

The formula is ok, just a little on the thick and goopy side, but I'm not 100% sure that it really is the formula, because I painted this on my nails in 35 degree heat, so that might have something to do with it too. It's opaque in 2 thin coats and it dries extremely fast, but again, the weather might have something to do with that.

I absolutely love it! It's so not a me color, but every once in a while, I want something out of my comfort zone and this fits the bill. It's bright and fun and the holo/flakies give it extra dimension.

The fact that this polish is based on one of my favorite movies, makes me like it even more! I keep singing all the songs and playing the scenes in my head. I love everything about this polish, it's worth picking up!

What's your favorite Grease song and do you prefer the first or second movie?


Blog Sale!


I was adding a few new polishes to my excel sheet and I was astounded by the total number of polishes I own. I had a good look at my stash and discovered some beauties that were never worn or only once and that is just sad...
So I decided to give them a chance at finding a new home where they are better loved.
I have China Glaze, OPI, drugstore, budget, indie polishes and everything in between for sale, so go check it out!

Click here to go to the Blog Sale page.



Today's #SUMMERNORULES theme is Sunshine and it's a very fitting theme for today, as it's a glorious sunny day with temperatures expected to rise above a steaming 30 Degrees Celsius. I had a very nice mani in mind for this theme, clear blue sky with neon yellow rays of sunshine. The picture in my head was stunning, bright, fun and extremely sunny. The result on my nail... well.. have a look for yourself:

What can I say? I let the blue completely dry before sponging the white on it, but the colors still mixed together. I let this dry completely too, but somehow the yellow got mixed as well. What I ended up with was a big ol' mess on my nails. I felt disappointed and didn't like it at all until I send a picture to a friend and she comented it kinda looked like a peacock...

And she's totally right! I left it on, giving it another chance and I grew to really like it! It's funky, weird and fun and I keep giggling every time I look at it. Isn't that what Sunshine really is supposed to do?

Are you enjoying the sunshine? What's your favorite thing to do on a scorching hot day?




Today's #SUMMERNORULES theme is Favorite Neon and as I love a good neon, I have quite a few to choose from. I love a lot of them, some of my favorites right now are China Glaze Grass is lime Greener, Lotus Begin and my favorite neon glitter is NailPatternBoldness Flipping Out Hard. But my all time favorite neon is still the very first neon I ever tried.

China Glaze Surfin' for boys is an orange tinted coral with a very subtle pink shimmer. The shimmer is so subtle you can hardly see it on the nail, but it does give this polish depth and dimension.

The formula is absolutely awful! It's the worst out of all the neons I've tried and believe me, that's saying something! Every time I paint my nails with this polish, I wonder why the heck this is my favorite, but as soon as I'm finished and I see the result, I always know exactly why! This polish dries so fast, it's impossible to work with. It's streaky and patchy and you can't fix any mistakes because it dries so fast and going over the same spot twice is not an option, you'll just drag the polish away.

But just look at that! Isn't that stunning? This is without topcoat and I actually like it best without, but in order to have this not chip after a couple of hours, I always add a topcoat and it's still extremely pretty when it's shiny.

My bottle has been well loved and I kinda hope this has something to do with the crap formula too, but if I'm being honest, this has always been a pain to get on my nails. But it's definitely worth every bit of hassle! I wouldn't recommend this if you just started painting your nails, but if you're a little used to working with difficult formulas, pick this up!

What's your favorite neon?




Happy Monday everybody! I had such a great weekend, I'm really sad it's over... The weather was gorgeous (apart from a drop of rain here and there), I went shopping in Amsterdam with a couple of friends and even though my legs were killing me the next day, it was totally worth it!

Today's #SUMMERNORULES theme is Ice Cream and who doesn't love some nice, ice cold ice cream? It's my favorite Summer treat and I love almost every flavor. For today's nail art I decided to go with an ice cream cone and creamy ice cream topped with sprinkles. I love the idea, the execution... mwah... I just can't seem to get my nail art straight on my nails...

Not my best, but still a fun mani that makes me want to lick my nails every time I look at them. To bad they don't taste like ice cream, that would be a polish I'd buy!

Have you joined the Summer No Rules fun yet?




I've been a bad little blogger this week... I've just had a couple of days off and I haven't been home long enough to write a blogpost or even paint my nails. So this is going up a day late, but that's the beauty of this challenge: No Rules!

Today's theme is Flip Flops and instead of trying to create some kind of flip flop on my nails, I decided to show you my 5 favorite polishes to wear on my toes in Summer! I don't tend to change the polish on my toes that often, so 5 different polishes usually gets me through the entire Summer.

Let's start with the one that is actually on my toes right now, OPI Smitten with Mittens. Of course I have to rock my favorite red on my toes. It's absolutely gorgeous and I especially like it when I go swimming, because the water makes the gold glitter come to life!

Next up is the polish I've been obsessing over for the last couple of months, so of course I have to paint every nail with it, China Glaze Lotus Begin. It's a very nice pop of color, but still subdued enough for those of you that don't want a neon polish on your toes.

And speaking of neon, I don't particularly like pink nails, but somehow I do really love it on my toes, but only in the neon version. China Glaze Hang ten-toes is the perfect color for that.

And how can I do a favorite flip flop post without mentioning this polish? China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, need I say more?

And finally, for those days I crave a little sparkle on my toes, OPI Excuse Moi. This used to be my all time favorite glitter and I wore it so many times, my bottle is almost gone. But since I've discovered indies, it hasn't gotten as much love from me, except for on my toes. I still really love it though!

Those are my favorite Flip Flop Polishes, what is yours?


China Glaze Celtic Sun


A couple of weeks ago, I saw that one of my favorite webshops, Enchantra, was having a 50% discount on China Glaze and even though I promised myself I wouldn't buy any more polishes this month, I just couldn't let this opportunity go by without picking up some of the polishes that I've had on my wish list for a while.

China Glaze Celtic Sun is one of those polishes. It's a neon highlighter yellow polish and I've been lusting after it for oh... I don't know how long. It was first released in the Ink Collection in 2008, but has since been added to the core collection (I think) and it's still available.

The formula is ok, it's just a little on the sheer side, so I layered it over a white base. It flows on the nail with ease and dries fast enough, although a little on the matte side like almost all neons. A nice layer of my trusty HK Girl fixed this problem.

This definitely makes a statement and I got a lot of "Wow, what are you wearing on your nails???" comments, but I just love a neon so bright, you need sunglasses if you want to stare directly at it.

This is not for you if you like a subtle polish, but if you don't mind an in your face kind of color, I'd suggest giving this a go, it's absolutely amazing!

Do you rock the bright, in your face highlighter neons and which one is your favorite?


#SUMMERNORULES: National Chocolate Day


Happy Chocolate Day everybody!
Yes, chocolate has his own national holiday and why wouldn't it? Nothing beats that rich, creamy taste and I could eat chocolate every day of the week! The only thing stopping me, is the fact that my thighs are big enough already and chocolate seems to settle right in that area...

But that doesn't mean I can't have some sort of chocolate on my nails for the #SUMMERNORULES Challenge. I had a great idea, but as usual, I failed miserably in the execution. The fact that in my 500+ polish stash, I only have 1 brown doesn't really help...

I wanted to do some kind of chocolate bar on my nails, but that just wasn't going to happen and after several failed attempt, I decided to cheer myself up with a bowl of vanilla ice cream, topped with a lot of chocolate sauce, one of my favorites! I looked at the bowl, (while stuffing my face) and suddenly I knew what I was going to do for this mani!

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce nails it is!

I love these drippy nails and keep going back to them, I think they are a fun way to easily spice up a mani.
What's your favorite way to eat chocolate?