I love nail art and nothing beats a nice dotticure, so todays #SUMMERNORULES theme is right up my alley: Dots. I really wanted to do a simple black and white dotticure, but I though that just didn't suit Summer... So I looked at my polishes, hoping one or two would jump out at me, but sometimes I just have no clue what I want on my nails. I picked up a neon, put it back, picked up a pastel, put it back, picked up a bright pink and put it back... they just didn't feel right. I stared at my stash for a good half an hour until I  realized something... NO RULES! So who cares black and white are not really Summer colors?!? On they went!

My dots didn't turn out as neat as normal, the heat is not only effecting my polishes, but also my dotting skills apparently. When I was finished, I decided to add a little color, by dotting a neon yellow on my accent nail.

I kinda like the final result, it's a nice and simple mani with a hint of Summer.
What's your favorite dotticure?