Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends!
Of course this is also the theme for the #SUMMERNORULES Challenge and I had so much fun creating this mani! Not because it's very complicated, but because I discovered I suck at drawing a maple leaf... big time!

I wanted to try something new, so I made my own maple leaf decal! I drew the leaf on a piece of plastic, added a top coat, waited for it to dry and then peeled it off to place the home made decal on my nail. This was actually very easy, besides the fact I can't draw a maple leaf to save my life!

The placing of the decal was a little tricky too, because I made it slightly to big. Not that you can see it in this picture, because I only overdid the top coat. But overall, not a bad effort. I'm definitely going to be playing around with this technique, it's fun and easy and you can go wild with the design.

As for the polishes I used, the white is OPI Boyfriend and I've declared it dead after this mani. I almost didn't have enough left in the bottle to get an even coverage for this mani and now it's official: I used up an entire bottle of OPI My Boyfriend scales walls. I'm a little sad...

The red is China Glaze Vermillion, one of my favorite reds to use in nail art, because it's a true red and extremely opaque and easy to use. My bottle has a major layer missing already, so I have to be careful not to use this one up too.

Have you joined the fun yet?