Loaded Lacquer Pomegranate


Happy Monday everybody! Today is the first official day of my 3 week holiday and of course it's raining outside. Oh well, on Friday I leave for a nice full week in Greece and I can't wait!

Yesterday, the lovely Heather from Loaded Lacquer had a restock and I was able to pick up her new Jiggles. Of course I did it in style, with my favorite jiggle on my nails and I realized I've been loving her jiggles, but I haven't blogged about them yet. Today that oversight gets rectified!

Loaded Lacquer Pomegranate is a pinkie red jelly, or jiggle as she calls them.

The formula for all her jiggles is very nice. They go on very easily and are opaque in about 3 thin coats, but I always have a slight visible nail line showing through. I don't mind, in real life it's less noticable and at least when I'm wearing one of these gorgeous polishes, I don't have to say over and over again that yes, they are my real nails!

This dries really fast and super glossy, no top coat needed, but I alway add one. I absolutely love the squissy look of a jelly polish and they are perfect for jelly sandwices. I sandwiched Cuts like a knife on my ring finger and it looks so good, I'm actually thinking of making this my holiday mani on all my nails.

If you've been following this blog for a while (or if you follow me on instagram @darkntwistynails), than you know I'm madly in love with Loaded Lacquer. I love her glitters, but I also love her jiggles collection. They really are perfect.

You can purchase them here and they were just restocked yesterday. There are still a few left, but you have to be quick, they always sell out extremely fast! If you missed out on this restock, don't worry, there will be another one soon, just keep an eye on the restock page on the Loaded Lacquer site!

What's your favorite jelly polish and how do you wear it?


China Glaze OMG


I've heard a lot of talk about the China Glaze OMG collection lately, somebody I know was able to pick up the entire collection and was over the moon about it. I'm not the biggest fan of this collection, but I understand the hype, if you're a holo fan. It did remind me that I actually have one of these coveted polishes in my stash, but it has never made it onto my nails as a full manicure. I did use it a lot for nail art and as an accent on the odd occasion, but that's it.

China Glaze OMG is the name polish in the 2008 OMG! collection, which has to be the most wanted collection that China Glaze has ever put out. It's impossible to get your hands on one of these polishes, but you can still find the odd one here and there, for ridiculous prices. This particular one is a pale silver linear holo.

The formula is, well, extremely thin. I don't know if this is just my bottle, but it's like painting water on my nails. I did 3 coats to get it opaque and to be honest, I could have done with a 4th. It did dry reasonably fast and shiny, but I wouldn't wear this without a topcoat, because it does chip on me very fast.

If you like silver linear holo's and you can get your hands on this one, get it! It's a unique shade, because it's so pale. For me however, not my thing. I don't particularly like linear holo's and I don't really like silver.

I did get some compliments while wearing this, so apparently it does suit my skin tone, but it's just not for me. Why don't I sell it or give it away you ask? Because I'm a total polish hoarder and this IS from the OMG! collection, that's why! I know, I have issues...

Are you lucky enough to own a polish from this collection or are you still trying to hunt one down?


Kaleidoscope by El Corazon First Snowdrop


A while ago I saw a simple but stunning polish on Soraya's blog (mijnnagellakjes). It was greyish blue with a subtle micro glitter and I absolutely loved it! When I was browsing one of my favorite sites, Hypnotic Polish, I came across it and before I knew it, I placed an order.

Kaleidoscope by El Corazon First Snowdrop is, besides quite the mouthfull, a gorgeous light blue, almost white cream with a ton of blue micro glitter in it. I think it's listed as shimmer, but it's just a little to big for that I think. This polish is part of the Dreams about Spring collection which consists of 9 polishes in total, all gorgeous creams with micro glitter.

The formula is impeccable. It glides on the nail, is opaque in 2 thin coats and dries really fast and shiny. My pictures are without topcoat, because I was so busy doing something else, I took pictures first, than remembered to add HK Girl...

It's such a subtle polish, but the micro glitter really makes it stand out. I love this so much, I can't get over it. I kinda want to put it right back on. Even though it's a glitter, I think this is a polish you can wear any time and to any occasion.

This is my first polish of this brand, but if the rest of them have the same formula, I want them all! I did pick up another one and I'll be painting that baby on my nails very soon.

Are you familiar with this brand and what do you think?


Glitter Lambs Skunk has style


I was wearing a lovely, bright polish during the weekend, but as the weather decided to change and give me grey skies, rain, wind and all that fun stuff, I felt like my mani needed to be updated just a little. I felt a dark glitter would do the trick and I pulled this one out.

Glitter Lambs Skunk has style is a clear based polish, filled with black and silver hex glitter in al sizes, black dots and black stars and a sprinkling of tiny silver hex glitter.

The formula was nice, I only had to do the tiniest bit of fishing for the star glitter, if you'd call it fishing at all. I just dunked my brush in the bottle and had a look where the stars were on my brush so I could place it on the nail. I did 2 coats and it dried fast. I would recommend using a good top coat to smooth it out and make it really shiny.

I really love the combination of the bright, sunshiny yellow with the black and silver. I think this is the perfect combination for those days you get it all: sunshine, clouds, thunder, rain and wind.

As my base, I'm wearing OPI I just can't Cope-Acabana, one of my favorite yellows because of the great formula. I think this glitter topper would look great with any base though and by switching up the base color, this polish can be worn all year long. I love it!

Glitter Lambs is an indie polish brand, made by the lovely Jamie and can be bought on her Etsy site.
Are you familiar with this gorgeous brand and, if so, what's your favorite Glitter Lamb?


Pipe Dream Polish Graffiti tag


On your wedding day, you wear white! Or at least it's the most traditional color to wear on that BIG day. I actually wore an off white, but still... it was white. 6 years ago today, I walked down the aisle with the love of my life. I love him even more today, so in honor of our 6 year marriage, I decided to show you a gorgeous white polish, with a little twist :D

Pipe Dream Polish Graffiti Tag is a white base packed with a neon glitter mix.

The formula is really nice, I layered it over just a single coat of white to give it a head start, but you can definitely get it opaque in 2 -3 coats. I just like it better over white, because the glitter is less dense. It flows easily on the nail and I only needed to do a little placement with the odd glitter here and there, for the most part you can just paint as usual and get a perfect result. It dries really fast and shiny, but I'd recommend using a good layer of topcoat to smooth everything out.

Isn't that gorgeous? It's bright and neon, but not in your face neon. I've worn the heck out of this polish already. I wear it as a full mani like in my pictures, but I've also worn it as an accent with other neon polishes and that looks absolutely fabulous too!

White and neon are two of my favorite colors to wear in Spring and Summer, so to have them combined in one handy bottle, is right up my alley! I own several white based glitters, but I have to say this one is one of my favorites!

What's your favorite white based glitter or do you steer clear of those kind of polishes?


piCture pOlish Vampire


After all the pastel, bright and neon polishes, my DarknTwisty heart was craving something a little darker. This polish is everything I was craving in a bottle. It's deep, it's dark, it's vampy and it applies really nicely.

Picture Polish Vampire is a deep blood red jelly and if you don't like this polish, well... like the bottle says: Bite Me!

The formula was really nice, although a little on the thick side. But that is the case with a lot of jelly polishes and it still flowed on the nail with ease. It was almost opaque in just 1 coat, but I did add the second one, to deepen the color and truly get what you see in the bottle. This dried really fast and so glossy, you don't really need a top coat, but of course I did add my HK Girl, just because I always do.

Isn't that pretty? Not what you'd call a typical Summer polish, but it's the perfect break from all the brightness. Because it's a jelly formula, it looks so squishy and glossy. This is definitely very dark, but it never looks black. Even in the shade, this still looks red, albeit a more brownish red.

I absolutely love it! Not only is this a gorgeous deep blood red, I also love the name and text on the bottle. I always feel like a rebel wearing this and it gives me a Bite Me! attitude, even more than I usually have, lol.

Do you have a polish that gives you the feeling you can take on the world?


Colors by Llarowe Conny you saucy minx


Happy Monday! Oh, I'm counting the days to my vacation, only 2 more weeks to go! My husband and I were planning to book a last minute trip, but we are constantly browsing the internet to see if we can find any good deals to sunny places. Fingers crossed we end up somewhere nice, preferably with a Sephora close by...

Today I have a gorgeous polish for you. Colors by Llarowe Connie you saucy minx is one of those polishes you just can't stop staring at. Even in the bottle, this is an eyecatcher. Connie is a Bright medium purple crelly with intense hot pink shimmer.

The formula was nice, just a little on the thick side. It still flowed on the nail with ease, was opaque in 2 thin coats and dried really fast and shiny.

This one is a stunner people! Is vibrant and shimmery, the purple bases color alone is gorgeous, but the very noticeable hot pink shimmer makes you want to keep staring. I have no words for how much I love this polish! Everything about it is just perfect.

And can you blame me for falling head over heels for this polish? If  you love purple polish, you NEED this in your life! Even if you don't particular love purple polish, you NEED this in your life!

Colors by Llarowe is made by the wonderful Leah An from Llarowe and is available on her site, Harlow&Co and for my European girls, Hypnotic Polish. I'd suggest you click on one of the links and order it, right now, you won't be disappointed!

What's your favorite Colors by Llarowe polish?


piCture pOlish Jade


I'm so happy that I'm finally able to show this polish to you! I've wanted this for so long, but it was always out of stock. I kept looking at it and every time I ordered polish at my favorite webshops, I checked if this was available. So when it finally was, I was over the moon and ordered it right away!

piCture pOlish Jade is a jade green cream with a silver shimmer. The shimmer is absolutely gorgeous, it's very subtle in the polish, but still very noticeable on the nail. It's what gives this polish depth and what turns this from a simple jade green cream into a stunning polish.

The formula is really nice, it's easy to paint and opaque in 2 coats. It dries really fast and shiny, but I did add a topcoat, as I always do.

This kind of color is always tricky for me, as it can either look stunning with my skintone or make me look washed out. This particular polish works really well for me and I love it!

What's your favorite Picture Polish?