Glitter Lambs Skunk has style

I was wearing a lovely, bright polish during the weekend, but as the weather decided to change and give me grey skies, rain, wind and all that fun stuff, I felt like my mani needed to be updated just a little. I felt a dark glitter would do the trick and I pulled this one out.

Glitter Lambs Skunk has style is a clear based polish, filled with black and silver hex glitter in al sizes, black dots and black stars and a sprinkling of tiny silver hex glitter.

The formula was nice, I only had to do the tiniest bit of fishing for the star glitter, if you'd call it fishing at all. I just dunked my brush in the bottle and had a look where the stars were on my brush so I could place it on the nail. I did 2 coats and it dried fast. I would recommend using a good top coat to smooth it out and make it really shiny.

I really love the combination of the bright, sunshiny yellow with the black and silver. I think this is the perfect combination for those days you get it all: sunshine, clouds, thunder, rain and wind.

As my base, I'm wearing OPI I just can't Cope-Acabana, one of my favorite yellows because of the great formula. I think this glitter topper would look great with any base though and by switching up the base color, this polish can be worn all year long. I love it!

Glitter Lambs is an indie polish brand, made by the lovely Jamie and can be bought on her Etsy site.
Are you familiar with this gorgeous brand and, if so, what's your favorite Glitter Lamb?



  1. Thanks for featuring our glitter polish your site sweetie! It looks GORGEOUS over the yellow!!!! LOVELY!!

    1. You did a great job with this one! Such a versatile polish, I absolutely love it <3