Glitter Lambs Blue Cotton Candy


I've been following Glitter Lambs for a while now on Instagram and besides just being a wonderful person, Jamie makes amazing polishes! As soon as I saw the first swatch of this polish, I knew it would be on my nails one day and today it finally happened!

Glitter Lambs Blue Cotton Candy is a glitter topper packed with light blue donut glitter, teal dots, and tiny blue hex glitter in different sizes in a clear base. This is my first polish with donut glitter (round glitter with a hole in the middle) and I love it, it's so unique and fun.

The formula was just perfect, all the glitters came out with no effort at all, even the donut glitter behaved like a dream. I did place them a little bit on my nail, just to make sure they were spread out, but I didn't have to fish for them. This polish dried fast, but I would recommend using a good top coat to smooth it out as it does feel a little bumpy because of all the glitter. I used a coat of HK Girl.

As my base, I went with a Sally Hansen Pacific Blue and China Glaze Snow as an accent, 2 coats each. I absolutely love this mani. The donut glitter really is unique and I think this polish goes really well with the intense color of Pacific Blue.

Are you familiar with Glitter Lambs? If not, I'd suggest you go over to her Etsy site and check her out!
I can't wait to try more of these gorgeous glitter polishes!


#SUMMERNORULES: Favorite Summer Glitter


I love a good glitter, I almost always add some kind of sparkle to my mani, either as an accent or as an overall mani. I just can't get enough of the sparkle on my nails. The only thing I don't like about a glitter, especially the chunky kind, is the removal. But I deal with it because it looks so good on and with the help of my best friend, tin foil, I'm usually done in about 10 minutes.

My Favorite Summer Glitter tends to change every year, but I always go for a bright base with a mix of glitter, either in color or in size. This year, I'm loving KBShimmer Blinded by the Bright. It's a bright yellow base, packed with multi colored hex glitter.

The formula is impeccable. It glides on the nail and is opaque on its own in 2 - 3 coats. It dries fast and shiny, but I would recommend adding a top coat to smooth it out, because it does feel a little rough on its own due to all the glitter.

I love this kind of bright glitter for summer, it's like sunshine and rainbows on my nails. This so bright, it's almost neon. It glows on my nails and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it.

Yellow is not the best color for my skintone, but because it's so bright, I can actually pull this one off. And to be honest, even if I couldn't, I wouldn't care and still rock this!

What's your favorite glitter for Summer and are you already joining the #SUMMERNORULES fun?


Pipe Dream Polish #mcspiration


I was browsing the internet, Instagram and youtube as I like to do on a quiet Sunday morning and came across a picture of this polish. It was so gorgeous , I knew I had to have it! I went to the Pipe Dream website and of course... they don't ship internationally. So the first thing I did was hop on to my favorite indie nail polish seller, MeiMeiSignatures and low and behold... they had it! In my cart it went, with another polish and a top coat. I can't have a polish travel all that way alone, that would be cruel.

Pipe Dream Polish #Mcspiration is a medium grey polish with small black and hot pink glitters. I think the glitters are matte, but I can't really tell to be honest.

This polish is the non thermal version of Mcpolish Awesomesauce, but I have to admit I like it better this way. I don't care much for the warm color (I think it's warm, I mean the light color) of that polish and this is just medium grey gorgeousness.
The formula was really nice, it's easy to paint and the glitter lays nice and flat on the nail. This was a very opaque polish, I only needed 2 thin coats and it dried fast enough. I did decide to add a layer of topcoat, because the finish was a little less shiny than I like.

Isn't that pretty? I love a grey mani and the pink gives it a nice pop of color. I love this color and would wear it all year round, but I think most people would consider this more of a Fall or Winter polish.

This is the first Pipe Dream Polish I've tried and it left me wanting more. I already spotted several other polishes I'd like to add to my collection.
Have you heard of this brand before and if so, what is your favorite polish?




It's the third day of our #SUMMERNURULES Challenge and I haven't shown you a single mani yet. So so bad, I know, but I've been knocked out by a nasty migraine and as we all know, headache and nail polish just don't mix. Luckily, I'm feeling a lot better now and I decided to do a little catch up post of all the mani's I've missed.

We started on the 21st with the first day of Summer. Can you believe it's Summer already? I can't... but I'm enjoying every bit of it! I wanted to do a really cool neon water marble, but every single polish I tried didn't want to marble. I even tried the Maybelline bleached neons which supposedly marble really well, but they just didn't want to work for me... I blame the water, my marble skills and the beginning of my migraine.

After my third attempt I gave up and seeing as I was in a foul mood by then, I picked the polish with the prefect name: Black Cat Lacquer Cruel Summer. I layered it over China Glaze Grass is lime greener and I LOVE this combination!

Monday marked day two of the Summer No Rules challenge with National Pink Day. Now, we all know pink is my favorite polish color... not... and I just couldn't decide what to go with. But the fact that water marble kicked my butt earlier was still haunting me and as I'm a glutton for punishment, I decided to give it another go. This time my polishes all behaved and I was able to get a half way decent marble on my nail. I pimped that mani with some glitter and a cool pink cream et voila!

Today is the third day of the challenge and the theme is Strawberries. I love strawberries, they are so sweet and I eat a lot of them in Summer, when they're sweet and ripe. I love them for breakfast in my yoghurt or just on a simple piece of toast. On my nails though... not the best to be honest...

They look a little rough around the edges, but still, a fun mani and seeing as I did these with my migraine shouting his last hurrah in my head, I think they turned out ok.

That's it, all caught up! I always love our No Rules Challenges, are you going to join? Remember, it's a No Rules Challenge, so anything goes, no nail art required, just fun! If so, please let me know in the comments or join us on Instagram using #SUMMERNORULES so we can enjoy all the fun mani's!


Unexpected loves!


A while ago, I showed you the polishes that I love, that don't love me back. Today I have a few polishes that surprised me the other way around. When I picked them up, I loved the color, but was almost certain my skintone would hate them. But, being the crazy polish lady that I am, I still had to have them!

I stuck them in with the rest of my stash, took them out every now and again to look at them, but in most cases I was just so afraid of a big fat failure, that I was a little scared to actually paint them on my  nails. But there comes a time for every single one of my polishes to be applied and when I did with these... oh boy! Not at all what I expected, but just total gorgeousness and some serious love!

Some of these turned out to be my favorite polishes, so lets get started!

First up is Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum. This is a white based polish with a crapton of teal glitter in it. White is not the best color on me, but I loved the name and it had to be added to my stash. Because it's just so gorgeous in the bottle, this ended up on my nails quite quickly and to my surprise I loved it! It is a little pale for my skintone, but I don't care! Just look at it! You do need 2 - 3 coats to get it opaque, but the formula is nice enough that this isn't a big problem.

Essie Fiji. By now you probably know I hate pink or pastel polishes, so you can imagine my feelings about this classic. But when I saw it marked down in my local drugstore, I picked it up anyway. I have issues... I know...

It stood in my stash a good long while before I finally slapped it on. You can imagine my surprise when I love, love, loved it!!!

Keeping with the pastel, China Glaze Lotus Begin is another one I fell head over heels in love with. I didn't order this originally because, well, pastel lavender is not really my color. When I was visiting a friend of mine, I saw this and it looked so gorgeous in the bottle, I had to have it! I placed an order and as soon as I put this on my nails, I was in love! So much so, I wore it for 6 days straight, I just didn't want to take it off!

China Glaze Pelican Grey. I have raved about this hidden treasure quite a few times, so I can understand it if you're a little surprised to see this here. But my first impressions of this polish weren't great... I actually ordered it for a friend of mine and I must have checked with her at least a dozen times before ordering if this was the correct polish, because I just didn't understand why she would buy such a boring grey polish. But she was sure, so I ordered it and waited for the package to arrive.

When it did, this was the first polish I pulled out and I was smitten. Not a boring grey polish at all, but a little gem with a gorgeous subtle shimmer in it. I needed it for myself and ordered it straight away! I've been in love with it ever since.

And the last one, OPI My favorite Ornament. This has to be the biggest surprise ever for me! I ordered it because I didn't have a nice kind of golden glitter and I needed one for my holiday nail art. When it landed on my doormat I was pleasantly suprised, it looked so nice in the bottle. But I was still hesitant, it probably would be sheer and look horrible on me. The first time I painted this on my nails, it was just as an accent and I fell in love, hard! This thing didn't come off my nails for at least a month! I wore it as a full mani, with an accent or as the accent, love, love, LOVE it!

I hope I get a lot more of these unexpected loves, do you have any polishes you absolutely love, but thought you would hate?


OPI Life gave me lemons


When OPI announced they were releasing a Summer collection consisting entirely out of neon polishes, I was over the moon! I love a good neon and during the Summer months I wear them a lot. The first pictures looked really good and so did the first swatches, so I ordered a couple to start with.

OPI Life gave me lemons is a bright very green tinted yellow. The green is more apparent in the bottle than on the nail, but next to a true yellow, it's still looking very greenish.

The formula was ok, it's a little on the thin side and a bit streaky, but flowed on the nail really easily somehow. I needed 3 thin coats to get it fully opaque on all nails, but it dried so fast, 3 coats was a breeze. The finish is semi matte, so I'd recommend a good top coat for a nice shine.

I love this color so much, it's bright and vibrant and unlike any other yellow I own, but neon it's not! I've tried this with a white base and without and to be honest, I didn't see any difference. These pictures are without the white base and as you can see, the color still pops. Adding the white base also didn't help with the streakiness, so I's day you're better off skipping it.

I can't wait to try the other polishes I got from this collection, they look so good in the bottle and if this one says anything about the rest, I'm going to love every single one of them!

What's your favorite OPI Neon?


Go Holland!!!


Today is the second game for The Netherlands in the World Cup and of course I had to show my support the best way I can: on my nails!
After going all out with a bright, in your face neon orange last time, I decided to keep it simple and a little more subdued for this game, by just doing an orange accent nail.

I used 2 Zoya Pixie Dust polishes, they truly are my favorite textured polishes. My overall color is Tomoko and the accent is my most recent purchase (well, when it comes to Zoya anyway) Dhara.

I absolutely love both of them and think this is a very classy mani, with a nice pop of color.
For the next game, I have a little nail art with both these polishes and a couple more in mind, so stay tuned for that!

Our boys are playing Australia tonight and although I'm rooting for us to win, I always have a soft spot for this particular country. It reminds me of the year I spend there, getting to know myself (and having the best time!). Will you be watching?


Max Factor Fantasy Fire


Sometimes a polish gets so much attention on blogs, youtube and everywhere else, I just can't help myself but buy it. Today I have one of those hyped polishes for you. This is supposed to be a dupe for the discontinued cult favorite Clarins 230 and it's been sitting in my stash for quite some time, untried, because although it looks really cool in the bottle, it's sheer as can be and is meant to be used as a topper over other polishes and that's just not my thing...

Max Factor Fantasy Fire is a color shifting sheer topper. In the bottle you see gorgeous blue, purple and gold and it has been talked about so much, I had to have it!

The formula is ok, it's extremely sheer, but 1 coat over a base color is enough to get the full effect. It dries really fast, but not as shiny as I like, so a top coat is a must. I decided to go with a deep blue base, Essence The boy next door.

The result was... well... not as gorgeous as I expected after hearing everybody rave about this polish. I do see the shift and it's nice, but it didn't blow me away. To be honest, I actually like The boy next door better without Fantasy Fire. What a disappointment...

Maybe I just layered it over the wrong color, but this doesn't do it for me at all. I am going to try it over a few other colors, but for now, I'm so underwhelmed, I put it in the back of my helmer where it will stay for quite some time.

If you do like this polish and have some great base color suggestions, please let me know in the comments. I really want to love this, but I just don't.

Do you own this and what do you think?


Zoya Storm


I've been loving a lot of bright and colorful mani's lately, after all it is Spring and the weather has been gorgeous. But as usual I felt the need for something a little more DarknTwisty, just to change things up a little. I just can't live without my gorgeous dark polishes for too long. I picked a perfect day for it too, because it's raining at the moment.

Zoya Storm is just what I wanted! It's a black base with a scattered holo and was part of the Zoya 2012 winter Ornate collection, just like Blaze I showed earlier.

The formula is perfect, opaque in 2 thin coats, it dries really fast and extremely shiny. What a gorgeous polish! This looks like a clear night sky and I can't stop staring. It looks gorgeous in the shade, but when the sun  hits it... oh boy... multi colored black goodness!

Zoya has quite a few of these scattered holo polishes and I think I might own them all. I'm not a big fan of linear holo polish but I do love a good scattered holo every now and again and this is one of my favorites.

Although this is an older polish, it's still widely available. If you love dark polishes with a twist, I'd definitely recommend you pick this up!

Do you own any of the Zoya scattered holo's and which one is your favorite?


Orly Melt your Popsicle


Yesterday was the first day of the World Cup Soccer and it kicked off with host Brasil v Croatia. which was won by Brasil (with a little help of the ref, I think). Today our boys play their first match against Spain, a repeat of the final from 4 years ago. Sadly we lost that game, so fingers crossed for a different outcome tonight! I'm not the biggest soccer fan, but I decided to show my support on my nails, by painting them orange, our national color.

And not just any old orange, but Orly Melt your Popsicle, a bright in your face highlighter neon orange polish, perfect for this occasion!

The formula is a little on the thin side... actually... it's a lot on the thin side. I always use a white base to avoid having to do 4 - 5 coats to get it opaque. Normally I don't use a white base under my neons and even though this is pigmented enough to not need it, it's so thin, I just can't deal with the amount of coats I have to do without the base.

Luckily, it does dry very fast and, like most neons, a little on the matte side. Not completely matte, but not as shiny as I'd like, so a glossy top coat is a must. I absolutely love this color. I'm a big fan of orange polish, it just suits my skin tone really well and this is one of my favorites. It's just so bright and happy, I can't help but smile when I wear this polish.

Every time I wear this polish, I get the same comment at least a couple of times: "Wow, now that's orange!" But that's exactly what I like about Popsicle, you just can't hide the brightness.

I'll be watching the game tonight and cheering my Dutch guys on, will you be watching and what country are you cheering for?


Loaded Lacquer Foolish Hearts


When I heard Loaded Lacquer was retiring a few gorgeous polishes, I couldn't help myself and ordered them before they were out of stock. I was very quick about it, but I still managed to miss out on a couple that I wanted, so if anybody has 40 below and wants to get rid of it (not very likely, it's gorgeous), please let me know!

Today I have one of the discontinued polishes to show you, so sadly you won't be able to pick this up anymore, but it's just so pretty, I had to show mine off. Maybe we can get Heather to mix just one more batch if we ask really nicely, lol.

Loaded Lacquer Foolish Hearts is half of the 2014 Valentine's Duo, I already showed you the other half, Cuts like a knife, a gorgeous red glitter. Foolish is a clear based topper, filled with holographic black hearts, holographic silver hearts, matte black hearts, transparent white hearts, purple hearts, holographic black hex, matte grape hex and holographic silver hex in multiple sizes. Well... if that's not enough glitter for you, I give up!

The formula is absolutely perfect, this is definitely a topper, I think you could get it opaque in 3 - 4 coats, but the end result would just be one big glitter overload and even I think that would be too much of a good thing, so I'm sticking with this being a topper.

Application is a breeze, the glitters come out so easily, no need to fish, not even for the hearts. The brush picks up so much glitter, you might have to move them around a tiny bit on the nail to get them where you want them. The glitter lays nice and flat on the nail, I had absolutely no problem with curling whatsoever. This dried really fast and shiny, but I would recommend a good layer of top coat to smooth everything out.

Don't you just love this gorgeous purple and black? I decided to go for an accent nail with one of my favorite polishes from the China Glaze City Flourish collection, Lotus Begin. I think these polishes compliment each other really nicely and I'm loving my mani.

I'm in love with Loaded Lacquer and really do want all Heather's polishes. You can get yours at the Loaded Lacquer site. She added restock info, so if the polish you want isn't in stock, check out that section to see when it will be available again.

What's your favorite Loaded Lacquer and if you don't own any yet, which one would you like to try?


Inglot 387


Ever since my friend Yv raved about Inglot, I wanted to try something from that brand. A polish, eyeshadow, lipstick... anything. With my little polish obsession, it's no surprise I picked a polish. But the color is something you wouldn't expect!

Inglot 387 (no fun names here, just numbers unfortunately) is a baby pink cream polish. This was part of the Spring 2013 collection, but it's still available as far as I know. In the bottle I can see a faint blueish shimmer and that is what drew me to this polish, but in my bottle shot it's nowhere to be found.

The formula is ok, a little on the thin and sheer side, but manageable. It dries really fast and shiny and I love the brush. It's about the same size as a China Glaze brush. Although this is a bit streaky, it's not as bad as most other baby pink polishes, but I would recommend using a good top coat to completely smooth this out. I used 3 coats and no top coat for my pictures and you can still see some streakiness.

What is it with these baby pinks? They keep drawing me in and I thought this one was just bright enough for me to pull off. I do think it looks flattering on my skin tone, but I don't know... it's just so... pink...
I love it in the bottle, but once again I'm reminded why I don't wear baby pink polish. It's just not my color. Too sweet and cute I'm afraid.

If you are a baby pink lover, this is a really good one, but for me, nope, not my color.
Do you rock the baby pink?


piCture pOlish Coral Reef


Ok, so the plan was to start up with Mani Monday's again, but, as you can tell by the lack of nail art yesterday, I kinda failed. Somehow I can't seem to find the list and, to be honest, with the Summer No Rules coming up, I think doing both might be a bit much... so no Mani Monday's yet.

But I do have a gorgeous polish for you today. I'm on a coral kick lately, it's just such a bright and fun summer color and I just can't get enough. Picture Polish Coral Reef is a just that: a bright, fun coral cream.

The formula is absolutely perfect! It flows on the nail, is opaque in 2 thin coats and dries fast and shiny. But the best thing about the Picture Polishes is that they don't chip on me at all! I don't even have any tipwear, not even after wearing it for 4 - 5 days.

And don't even get me started on the color, this is just so pretty, the perfect Spring and Summer color. But I don't think this is the most unique color to be honest, if you don't want to spend this much money on a polish, Essie Cute as a Button and OPI Live.Love.Carnaval are both gorgeous. Don't get me wrong, they aren't dupes, not at all, but they are close enough and a more affordable option.

I haven't tried a Picture Polish that I didn't like yet, but I keep thinking it has to happen some time, they can't all be that good. So every time I paint my nails with a new color, I'm expecting it to be the one I don't like or the one with the bad formula, but so far they are all just perfect.

What's your favorite Picture Polish and have you tried one that you didn't like?