Inglot 387

Ever since my friend Yv raved about Inglot, I wanted to try something from that brand. A polish, eyeshadow, lipstick... anything. With my little polish obsession, it's no surprise I picked a polish. But the color is something you wouldn't expect!

Inglot 387 (no fun names here, just numbers unfortunately) is a baby pink cream polish. This was part of the Spring 2013 collection, but it's still available as far as I know. In the bottle I can see a faint blueish shimmer and that is what drew me to this polish, but in my bottle shot it's nowhere to be found.

The formula is ok, a little on the thin and sheer side, but manageable. It dries really fast and shiny and I love the brush. It's about the same size as a China Glaze brush. Although this is a bit streaky, it's not as bad as most other baby pink polishes, but I would recommend using a good top coat to completely smooth this out. I used 3 coats and no top coat for my pictures and you can still see some streakiness.

What is it with these baby pinks? They keep drawing me in and I thought this one was just bright enough for me to pull off. I do think it looks flattering on my skin tone, but I don't know... it's just so... pink...
I love it in the bottle, but once again I'm reminded why I don't wear baby pink polish. It's just not my color. Too sweet and cute I'm afraid.

If you are a baby pink lover, this is a really good one, but for me, nope, not my color.
Do you rock the baby pink?



  1. I think pink looks great on you!

    1. Thanks, it doesn't look bad, it's just so... pink... hahaha!

  2. Yep that well pink!! I so love pink but totally get its not you. You know I think half of the fun of polish shopping is looking at the cute names. Not sure I'm digging the number thing...I think there shadows are numbers as well?