Sinful Colors Haul!

I've heard so many people talk about Sinful Colors polishes, they're supposed to be really affordable and have some nice colors in their range. But of course this brand wasn't sold in my little country. So you can imagine my surprise when my dear friend Fleur send me a text that she walked into Kruidvat and low and behold: they had a Sinful Colors display! I squealed and when she let me know which colors they had, this happened...

Yes, I know, I have a problem... but I don't really mind :D
I picked up some nice, basic colors and some sparkly polishes, just because I can!

Ruby Ruby, Gogo Girl, Folly
I know these 3 look pretty similar, but trust me, they are different! Folly is pink and the other 2 are red and well... you can never have to much red! No shimmer or sparkle in these, just really nice creams.

Blue by you, Midnight Blue, Hottie
Blue has to be my second favorite polish color, after red, so no surprise I picked up these beauties. Blue by you has a very strong shimmer, almost a micro glitter. Midnight is a deep metallic shade and Hottie is a glitter topper, it reminds me a lot of OPI Last Friday Night.

Rich in Heart, Fig, Nail Junkie, Call you later
As soon as I saw this first shade, I knew this was coming home to me! Deep, dark and vampy... how could I resist? Fig is a gorgeous cream shade and Nail Junkie and Call you later provide the always necessary sparkle.

I was so so happy Fleur walked in to the one store that sells Sinful Colors, I was finally able to pick just a few up. But was it just that one store? I'm very happy to tell you it wasn't! Of course I had a little look in my local store, just to check and they had the same little stand! Of course I couldn't just smile at it and walk out, I had to pick up just a few more.

Thimbleberry, Easy Going, Sugar Sugar
I have a little obsession with coral at the moment, so Thimbleberry had to be added to my stash. Same goes for Sugar Sugar, a gorgeous red glitter. Easy Going is all Holly's fault (misshollyberries). She has mentioned this polish so many times as being a dupe for Essie's Fiji, but with a much better formula, I had to try it myself!

And that's all! I can't wait to play around with this brand and see if they're as good as I've been hearing. If you happen to live in The Netherlands, try your local Kruidvat! Sinful Colors is now available at selected stores and they retail for only € 1.99!

Are you familiar with this brand and if so, what's your favorite color?



  1. I have most of these minus the reds other than sugar sugar...I do have and love that one. Rich in heart is a fave...I love the color and name. Its one I sent Marianne when we did a swap. Nail junkie and call you later are both nice little toppers. I need to find that coral one!