My biggest nail art inspirations

Happy Monday people! Yesterday a friend of mine asked if I wasn't doing Mani Mondays anymore and I have to admit, I've been extremely bad about them. I haven't done one in... oh, I can't even remember... Such a shame, because I love our little nail art group. So I decided to get back in the swing of Mani Monday's! For today I don't have a nail art ready, so I decided to share my biggest nail art inspirations with you.

First off, YouTube. This is one of my biggest helps for not only inspiration, but also tutorials if I have an idea for a specific nail art design, but need a little help on how to get it on my nails. My favorite pages are Elleandish, Cutepolish and ArcadiaNailArt. They upload on a regular basis and always make even the most intricate designs look simple.

Other bloggers are a big inspiration too. I love nothing more than browsing the internet, looking for great nail art ideas when I have an hour to kill. Some bloggers are so incredibly talented and creative, it blows my mind! I follow a lot of great nail blogs, but my favorites when it comes to art inspiration are Adventures in Acetone, Chalkboard Nails and Lucy's Stash.

Adventures in Acetone

Chalkboard Nails

Lucy's Stash
And last, but certainly not least is Instagram. When I need some quick inspiration, I can always check instagram. When you search for #nailart, #NOTD, #instanails or basically any hashtag with nail in it, you'll find an overload of great mani ideas, but when you're looking for a geat nail art account, check out #madamluck and #kimiko7878. They are incredibly talented and create the most beautiful, original nail art ever. WAY out of my league, but gorgeous to look at and drool over.

Madam Luck


Those are my biggest inspirations, go check them out and if you happen to get inspired, please let me know! What's your biggest nail art inspiration? I'm always looking for more :D



  1. Uit de hele rij kon ik alleen Lucy's Stash. Leuk om te zien dat er zoveel meiden nailart doen, zitten wel hele gave tussen! Ben echt verliefd op de kikker!

  2. I sure love our group of girls but Im just not digging doing the mani monday posts. I got out of habit and just cant bring myself to do them anymore! Thats awful right!