#SUMMERNORULES: Favorite Summer Glitter

I love a good glitter, I almost always add some kind of sparkle to my mani, either as an accent or as an overall mani. I just can't get enough of the sparkle on my nails. The only thing I don't like about a glitter, especially the chunky kind, is the removal. But I deal with it because it looks so good on and with the help of my best friend, tin foil, I'm usually done in about 10 minutes.

My Favorite Summer Glitter tends to change every year, but I always go for a bright base with a mix of glitter, either in color or in size. This year, I'm loving KBShimmer Blinded by the Bright. It's a bright yellow base, packed with multi colored hex glitter.

The formula is impeccable. It glides on the nail and is opaque on its own in 2 - 3 coats. It dries fast and shiny, but I would recommend adding a top coat to smooth it out, because it does feel a little rough on its own due to all the glitter.

I love this kind of bright glitter for summer, it's like sunshine and rainbows on my nails. This so bright, it's almost neon. It glows on my nails and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it.

Yellow is not the best color for my skintone, but because it's so bright, I can actually pull this one off. And to be honest, even if I couldn't, I wouldn't care and still rock this!

What's your favorite glitter for Summer and are you already joining the #SUMMERNORULES fun?



  1. Oeh, die basiskleur is gaaf! Glitters passen er ook goed bij.

  2. What a beauty, this looks stunning on you, such a beautiful shade of yellow for you Anca!!

    1. Thanks Marianne, it's one of the few yellows I can actually pull off.