Unexpected loves!

A while ago, I showed you the polishes that I love, that don't love me back. Today I have a few polishes that surprised me the other way around. When I picked them up, I loved the color, but was almost certain my skintone would hate them. But, being the crazy polish lady that I am, I still had to have them!

I stuck them in with the rest of my stash, took them out every now and again to look at them, but in most cases I was just so afraid of a big fat failure, that I was a little scared to actually paint them on my  nails. But there comes a time for every single one of my polishes to be applied and when I did with these... oh boy! Not at all what I expected, but just total gorgeousness and some serious love!

Some of these turned out to be my favorite polishes, so lets get started!

First up is Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum. This is a white based polish with a crapton of teal glitter in it. White is not the best color on me, but I loved the name and it had to be added to my stash. Because it's just so gorgeous in the bottle, this ended up on my nails quite quickly and to my surprise I loved it! It is a little pale for my skintone, but I don't care! Just look at it! You do need 2 - 3 coats to get it opaque, but the formula is nice enough that this isn't a big problem.

Essie Fiji. By now you probably know I hate pink or pastel polishes, so you can imagine my feelings about this classic. But when I saw it marked down in my local drugstore, I picked it up anyway. I have issues... I know...

It stood in my stash a good long while before I finally slapped it on. You can imagine my surprise when I love, love, loved it!!!

Keeping with the pastel, China Glaze Lotus Begin is another one I fell head over heels in love with. I didn't order this originally because, well, pastel lavender is not really my color. When I was visiting a friend of mine, I saw this and it looked so gorgeous in the bottle, I had to have it! I placed an order and as soon as I put this on my nails, I was in love! So much so, I wore it for 6 days straight, I just didn't want to take it off!

China Glaze Pelican Grey. I have raved about this hidden treasure quite a few times, so I can understand it if you're a little surprised to see this here. But my first impressions of this polish weren't great... I actually ordered it for a friend of mine and I must have checked with her at least a dozen times before ordering if this was the correct polish, because I just didn't understand why she would buy such a boring grey polish. But she was sure, so I ordered it and waited for the package to arrive.

When it did, this was the first polish I pulled out and I was smitten. Not a boring grey polish at all, but a little gem with a gorgeous subtle shimmer in it. I needed it for myself and ordered it straight away! I've been in love with it ever since.

And the last one, OPI My favorite Ornament. This has to be the biggest surprise ever for me! I ordered it because I didn't have a nice kind of golden glitter and I needed one for my holiday nail art. When it landed on my doormat I was pleasantly suprised, it looked so nice in the bottle. But I was still hesitant, it probably would be sheer and look horrible on me. The first time I painted this on my nails, it was just as an accent and I fell in love, hard! This thing didn't come off my nails for at least a month! I wore it as a full mani, with an accent or as the accent, love, love, LOVE it!

I hope I get a lot more of these unexpected loves, do you have any polishes you absolutely love, but thought you would hate?



  1. Replies
    1. Ja, een van mijn favoriete China Glaze lakjes.
      Mijn flesje is al half leeg...

  2. I've been wanting pelican grey for a while. I think it would be handy for nail art :)

    1. It's perfect for nail art, but also stunning on its own.
      The shimmer just gives it something so sophisticated and gorgeous.