KBShimmer Let's sleigh together


I was hoping for a white Christmas this year, but no snow to be seen here... It's raining and windy and it's about 10 degrees Celsius outside. I just have to get through a very quit day at work today and than I'm off for a good week and a half. I can't wait!

Today I have another gorgeous Christmas themed polish for you, but this is a little more subtle.
KBShimmer Let's sleigh together is a light grey crelly base, filled with hex glitters in green, navy and pale mint, blue circles and a stunning micro holographic shimmer that makes this polish pop on the nail.

The formula is excellent! I was expecting to have to do some fishing for the larger circle glitter, but they came out easily and I didn't have to do any dabbing, just a normal 3 strokes and you're done.
It's opaque on its own in about 3 coats, but I layered it over just a single coat of China Glaze New Birth, a slightly blue tinted white.

I love how this looks on the nail. It's such a calm and relaxing polish, but you still get a pop of glitter. This polish really goes with everything and in my book, it's the perfect polish if you want a bit of sparkle, but can't get away (or don't like) the over the top glitters.

I've worn this polish for a week straight, without chipping or even tipwear. This doesn't happen normally, because I'd just get bored with it, but not this polish. I still love it as much as on day 1 and I'm going to be a little sad when I take it off tonight, but I want to wear a different mani for Christmas.

If you've never tried KBShimmer, I think you really should, as they are gorgeous polishes with a perfect formula. You can get them on the KBShimmer site (US only) or on Harlow&Co (international)

Have a great Christmas eve and have you decided yet what polish to wear for Christmas yet?

Pipe Dream Polish Cha-Ching


Happy Monday everybody! Did you all have a good weekend?
I'm slowly getting ready for Christmas, my dress is bought and I kinda have my make up sorted, but I still haven't decided on my mani... the only thing I do know it's going to be sparkly!

Today I have an extremely sparkly polish to show you. Not my normal style, but so pretty <3

Pipe Dream Polish Cha-Ching is a silver micro glitter in a clear base, jam packed with holo glitter.

The formula is... not the best to be honest. Because it's so packed with finely milled micro glitter, it's a bit like putting wet sand on your nails. The fact that it dries extremely fast, doesn't help. But it is opaque on its own in just 2 coats and if you paint fast and stick to the 3 stroke method and don't fiddle this polish about too much, it's manageable.

And come on, when it looks like this on my nails, I'm not complaining!
I've been a little obsessed with this polish to be honest. I love the sparkle it gives. I only wore it as a full mani once and I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it like that again, but as an accent nail, oh boy, it spices up every mani!

In the shade you get a gorgeous grey silver nail, in low lighting it gives you the perfect sparkle, but in full (sun)light, this baby really brings it! Holotastic sparkle every time!

Out of focus, but look at that sparkle!!!
Pipe Dream Polish is available on Meimeisignatures and I thoroughly recommend you check this brand out, they have some awesome polishes, like Graffiti Tag and mcspiration I showed earlier.

What's your favorite bling bling polish?


KBShimmer Holly Back Girl


Happy Friday everybody!
Are you looking forward to the weekend as much as I am? I'm going to have drinks with friends on both days and I'm hoping to finally buy the perfect nude lipstick to go with my smokey eye for Christmas. I'm trying falsh lashes for the first time and boy, do I need to practice more! If any of you have the perfect nude lippie for fair skin, I'd love to hear them, I do need a bit of color though, pale colors make me look even paler.

Anyway, on to today's gorgeous polish :D

KBShimmer Holly Back Girl is Christmas in a bottle! A white crelly base, packed to the rafters with red and green glitter. Every time I see this polish or paint my nails with it, I catch myself singing I ain't no Holly back girl... Luckily, I really like that song!

The formula is really nice, it's opaque on its own in about 3 coats, but I like it best layered over just 1 coat of white, to get the base a really stark white color. It dries fast and the glitter come out easily, no need to fish at all!

As I said, I layered it over a single coat of white. It doesn't matter if that coat is patchy or uneven, the crelly base is opaque enough to even it out, it just makes the white stand out more. When applied without a white base, it looks a bit yellow in some lights and I prefer the starkness.

Isn't that a beauty? I haven't decided what my Christmas day mani is going to be, but this is on the shortlist! I love it on its own, but I also love it paired with red or green. However you decide to wear this polish, you'll end up with Christmas on your nails!

This polish (and other gorgeous polishes, like Run! It's the Coppers!) can be purchased on the KBShimmer website (US residents only) and Harlow&Co (international).

Have you decided on what to wear on Christmas Day yet?


Zoya Veruschka


When I saw the my first swatch of this polish, I knew I had to have it! The only problem was its availability... I couldn't find it anywhere! So I hunted it down like a mad women, as you do with those polishes you really want, but still, no luck.

So thank God Zoya decided to re-release the matte velvet collection! After a couple of years of pining for this polish, I can finally call it my own!

Zoya Veruschka is a gorgeous emerald green matte velvet polish. It has a gorgeous shimmer running through it that gives this polish extra depth and dimension.

This is a a matte velvet polish, so it doesn't dry completely matte, it has more of a satin finish. Matte, but you can still see a bit of shine. Personally, I like this kind of finish better than a true matte. The formula took a little getting used to, because of the extremely fast drying time. You have to work quickly and don't mess about with it too much, otherwise it can get a little patchy.

Can you blame me for falling head over heals? Just look at this stunning green! I wear this all year, but it is extra perfect for the Holiday season. I love it in its natural matte state, but when you add a layer of shiny top coat, the shimmer really comes out.

Gorgeous right? To make this mani even more Christmassy, I added some golden sparkle as an accent (Zoya Tomoko). I don't know which I like best, matte or glossy... they're both so pretty. I love the fact that this polish can be worn either way, it gives you options and I like that!

What's your favorite finish for this polish, matte or shiny?


My top 10 Holiday mani's


'Tis the season!
Today I'm going to share with you, my all time favorite mani's to wear around the Holidays. I was originally going to do a top 10 polishes, but I just couldn't narrow it down to just 10 polishes and I really wanted to give you options for every type of mani I like to wear, so I decided on 10 mani's in stead.

This is in no particular order, I don't like any type of mani better than the other, it all depends on my mood what mani I'll go for. This is going to be a picture heavy post, so I'll stop blabbering and get on with it!

As I'm know for loving a nice red mani, let's get the red categories (yes, plural) out of the way!

10: Red cream

I red a good book, Phat Santa, Vermillion and All I want for christmas... is OPI
I think a nice, festive red cream is a must around the Holidays! You can go for bright, vampy, dark, sultry... what ever you like, but I tend to gravitate towards a true red, with blue undertones or a warm red cream.

9: Red with a golden shimmer

Smitten with mittens, Girl Friday and Vegas
I love the way golden shimmer warms up a red mani. I wear these polishes all year round, but I can't imagine the Holidays without at least a couple of red and golden mani's.

8: Red glitter

Ruby Pumps, Chyna and Cuts like a knife
What's a Holiday without some glitter? These are my all time favorites! I wear them on their own, if possible, layer them over an opaque base or do a jelly sandwich with them.

7: Holiday glitters

Party hardy, Seven levels of the Candy Cane forest and Holly back girl
Need I say more? Gorgeous jam packed glitters, that look like Christmas threw up in a bottle! I love them and can't get enough! The KBShimmer is a new addition to my collection and I will be doing a full review on it later this week.

6: Green 

Winter Holly, Live and let die, Holiday Splendor and Veruschka
I love a green mani as it reminds me of a Christmas tree. I wear these on their own or paired with one of the other polishes in this post.

5: White

Angel with a leadfoot, It's all about the glam and Solitaire
A white mani always looks so crisp and clean. Perfect to balans all the craziness of the rest of my mani's during this time of year. I love OPI's My boyfriend scales walls too, but I actually don't own a bottle at the moment, as I've gone through my entire bottle. Yup, used it up completely, untill there wasn't a single drop left. I am planning on picking up a second bottle soon, that's how much I love it.

4: Gold

My favorite ornament, Tomoko and Rocky
I'm not the biggest fan of metallic polishes, so gold (and silver, my next categorie) aren't my favorite colors to wear on my nails, but around the holidays, I love them in nail art or as an accent nail. Ornament and Tomoko pretty much stay on my nails for the entire month, I have a little obsession with these 2 polishes. They're basically the same, only Tomoko is a texture and Ornament is a micro glitter.

3: Silver

Do the Snowbot, Cha-Ching and Icicle
Like I said, I only love silver around the Holidays and only in nail art or as an accent nail. Except for Cha-Ching, I do love that one and have worn it on several occasions before, as an accent nail.

2: Black and red

Vampire Coven, Fright Night, Ants in m pants and Lubu heels
I have a problem when it comes to black jelly bases with red glitter... I own them in every single brand and every single size of glitter. If I see a new one, I can't help myself, I have to pick it up! They just look so... sexy on the nail, perfect for this time of year!

And finally, my last categorie!
1: Blue and white

Pacific blue, ..., Butler please, The outer edge and Fallen
I love a bright blue cream base, paired with a white gitter. It reminds me of snow on a clear skied day and I always hope for that kind of weather on Christmas Day, but sadly, it almost never happens...
So I just have it on my nails :D

What's your favorite kind of mani to wear around the Holidays?


Beyond the nail Neon Magenta


Fall and Winter are trying to decide who gets to rule the weather over here at the moment and that means it's freezing one day and the next it's a nice 8 degrees Celsius with the sun shining brightly. Today it's raining, the wind is blowing and the weather forecast calls for just a little storm, yippee!

So, what do I wear on a craptastic day like today? Well, a bright, in your face almost neon polish of course!

Beyond the nail Neon Magenta is a bright raspberry pinkish red polish. Although it's called neon and magenta, I don't think it's either one to be honest. It is extremely bright and very close to a neon but it's just not quite there and it's not magenta either... well, not what I call magenta. In my book, magenta is that shade of pink with a lot of purple mixed in and this is more pink with a lot of red mixed in. I might have my colors mixed up, so correct me if I'm wrong!

The formula is really nice, it flows on the nail with ease and it's opaque in 2 thin coats. If you're in a hurry and do a thicker coat, you might be able to get away with just a single coat! Even though I don't classify this as a true neon, it does dry as one, fast and matte. I added a layer of top coat to give it a glossy finish in my swatches.

I love these kind of colors, especially in Spring and Summer. This time of year, I tend to wear all my dark n twisty polishes, but every so often, I feel the need to shake things up and go for a bright. This did the job perfectly!

Beyond the nail is available on their Etsy page and besides doing great polishes, they also have a large selection of nail art supplies. I especially love their nial guides and vinyls. They have such a large variety of them, including snowflakes, snowman and holly vinyls that are perfect for the holiday season!

Were you familiar with this brand and am I the only one who throws in a bit of brightness in all the sultry darks or do you do the same?


KBShimmer Run! It's the coppers!


If you ask me what my least favorite polish is, metallic and linear holo are at the top of my list! So the polish I'm showing you today is way way waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone and not a polish I'd normally gravitate towards. But when I was browsing Harlow&co (which I tend to do way too much, I just can't seem to help myself...), I kept going back to this particular polish. Not because I loved the color, because I really didn't if I'm being completely honest, but because of the name.. it just cracks me up everytime I read it!

KBShimmer Run! It's the coppers! is a copper linear holo and was released as part of the Early Summer 2014 collection.

The formula is a little sheer on the first coat, but completely opaque on the second. I'm always amazed at polishes when they do that. How can they be so sheer on coat 1 and completely opaque on coat 2?!? Anyway... it dried fast and I love the KBShimmer brush. It's a little wider and flatter than a standard brush, which makes for an extremely easy application.

Now for the big question: do I really like a metallic linear holo? Well... if I'm being 100% honest... I do! I didn't expect to even like it, let alone love it, but I think it's gorgeous. This polish proves that buying a polish solely for its name is not always a bad thing, lol.

The holo is extremely strong, you only need a bit of light to hit the nail to bring it out, but even in low lighting, this is a gorgeous, very flattering polish.

KBShimmer can be purchased at the KBShimmer site if you live in the US and via Harlow&co if you live anywhere else.

Do you like metallic linear holo's or do you stay far away from them?


China Glaze Wagon Trail


I was reading a blogpost from my friend Yv, at Mijn Kleine Geheimpjes, about a gorgeous polish from the Rodeo Diva collection that was released in the fall of 2008 and I realized I have a polish form that collection that I still haven't tried! So when it was time to paint my nails, I pulled it out and slapped it on.

China Glaze Wagon Trail is a hard to describe polish. It's a very deep olive golden base with a golden shimmer running through it.

The formula is really nice, it's easy to paint, opaque in 2 coats and it dries really fast. Although it does dry shiny, I would recommend adding a good top coat to prolong the wear time of your mani.

I have no clue why I didn't paint this earlier, it's absolutely gorgeous and I love these types of polishes. The only excuse I have, is that I kept forgetting I owned it, because it was in the back of a drawer. Maybe I should do a Helmer overhaul and bring all the polishes from the back to the front. Might feel like I have a whole new stash, hahaha!

Although this is an older polish and it probably isn't available in store any more, it's still fairly easy to find at the normal e-tailers that sell China Glaze. If you like darker, shimmery polish, I'd recommend checking this one out.

Do you have any untried, forgotten polishes in your stash?


Barry M Berry Cosmo


Sometimes I have a hard time choosing a polish to paint. I sit in front of my stash for hours, looking at different polishes, but nothing looks right to me. Yesterday was one of those days, so I did what I normally do when I just can't make up my mind: I let my husband pick a polish!

He has great taste in polish, but he always picks a red polish, because... well... in his words: if it isn't red, it isn't polish! So you can imagine my surprise when he picked this one.

Barry M Berry Cosmo is a gorgeous deep, vampy berry cream. It's so gorgeous and I'm really happy hubs picked it out, because to be honest, I forgot I had this... Berry Cosmo is part of the core line and is widely available.

The formula is really good, opaque in 2 thin coats, not too thick and not too thin, it dries fast and extremely glossy. You don't really need to add a top coat, but I always do to prolong the wear time of my mani.

This is right up my ally, I love a nice, vampy polish and this is exactly that. Deep, warm berry cream, perfect for fall and winter, but it's nothing too spectacular. You can find this kind of color from a lot of brands, both OPI and China Glaze have something similar, but this kind of color is always a staple in my collection.

Barry M is not easy to find here, but we do have a couple of stores that sell it, like River Island and you can get it online from the Barry M site (they ship internationally).

Do you own any Barry M polishes and if so, what is your favorite?