KBShimmer Run! It's the coppers!

If you ask me what my least favorite polish is, metallic and linear holo are at the top of my list! So the polish I'm showing you today is way way waaaaayyyy out of my comfort zone and not a polish I'd normally gravitate towards. But when I was browsing Harlow&co (which I tend to do way too much, I just can't seem to help myself...), I kept going back to this particular polish. Not because I loved the color, because I really didn't if I'm being completely honest, but because of the name.. it just cracks me up everytime I read it!

KBShimmer Run! It's the coppers! is a copper linear holo and was released as part of the Early Summer 2014 collection.

The formula is a little sheer on the first coat, but completely opaque on the second. I'm always amazed at polishes when they do that. How can they be so sheer on coat 1 and completely opaque on coat 2?!? Anyway... it dried fast and I love the KBShimmer brush. It's a little wider and flatter than a standard brush, which makes for an extremely easy application.

Now for the big question: do I really like a metallic linear holo? Well... if I'm being 100% honest... I do! I didn't expect to even like it, let alone love it, but I think it's gorgeous. This polish proves that buying a polish solely for its name is not always a bad thing, lol.

The holo is extremely strong, you only need a bit of light to hit the nail to bring it out, but even in low lighting, this is a gorgeous, very flattering polish.

KBShimmer can be purchased at the KBShimmer site if you live in the US and via Harlow&co if you live anywhere else.

Do you like metallic linear holo's or do you stay far away from them?



  1. Niet echt fan van koper kleurtjes maar kijk dat holo effect, wauw!!

    1. Ik ben ook verbaasd dat ik hem zo gaaf vind, want normaal loop ik dit soort lak heel snel voorbij.