Zoya Veruschka

When I saw the my first swatch of this polish, I knew I had to have it! The only problem was its availability... I couldn't find it anywhere! So I hunted it down like a mad women, as you do with those polishes you really want, but still, no luck.

So thank God Zoya decided to re-release the matte velvet collection! After a couple of years of pining for this polish, I can finally call it my own!

Zoya Veruschka is a gorgeous emerald green matte velvet polish. It has a gorgeous shimmer running through it that gives this polish extra depth and dimension.

This is a a matte velvet polish, so it doesn't dry completely matte, it has more of a satin finish. Matte, but you can still see a bit of shine. Personally, I like this kind of finish better than a true matte. The formula took a little getting used to, because of the extremely fast drying time. You have to work quickly and don't mess about with it too much, otherwise it can get a little patchy.

Can you blame me for falling head over heals? Just look at this stunning green! I wear this all year, but it is extra perfect for the Holiday season. I love it in its natural matte state, but when you add a layer of shiny top coat, the shimmer really comes out.

Gorgeous right? To make this mani even more Christmassy, I added some golden sparkle as an accent (Zoya Tomoko). I don't know which I like best, matte or glossy... they're both so pretty. I love the fact that this polish can be worn either way, it gives you options and I like that!

What's your favorite finish for this polish, matte or shiny?



  1. Wow, I love it! Do you know where I could get it in the Netherlands?

    1. Prettypolish.nl sells Zoya, but I'm not sure if they have the Matte Velvets.
      Color4nails.com does have these, but I'm not sure if it's in stock right now, if not, check back later, I think they will be restocked and she ships internationally, for a very reasonable price.

      And if that doesn't work, you can always try eBay ;)

  2. Heel mooi! Begin matte effect lakken steeds mooier te vinden.

  3. Nice! I love it both shiny and matte!
    Does it chip fast when worn without top coat? (not that I can compare my nails with yours, but if it chips in two days at your nails, than it certainly won't last at mine ;-) )

    1. I only had it on my nails for 2 days matte and I didn't have chips at all, just some minor tipwear.
      They do tend to chip a little earlier, but that's totally worth it for color like this in my book :D