My top 10 Holiday mani's

'Tis the season!
Today I'm going to share with you, my all time favorite mani's to wear around the Holidays. I was originally going to do a top 10 polishes, but I just couldn't narrow it down to just 10 polishes and I really wanted to give you options for every type of mani I like to wear, so I decided on 10 mani's in stead.

This is in no particular order, I don't like any type of mani better than the other, it all depends on my mood what mani I'll go for. This is going to be a picture heavy post, so I'll stop blabbering and get on with it!

As I'm know for loving a nice red mani, let's get the red categories (yes, plural) out of the way!

10: Red cream

I red a good book, Phat Santa, Vermillion and All I want for christmas... is OPI
I think a nice, festive red cream is a must around the Holidays! You can go for bright, vampy, dark, sultry... what ever you like, but I tend to gravitate towards a true red, with blue undertones or a warm red cream.

9: Red with a golden shimmer

Smitten with mittens, Girl Friday and Vegas
I love the way golden shimmer warms up a red mani. I wear these polishes all year round, but I can't imagine the Holidays without at least a couple of red and golden mani's.

8: Red glitter

Ruby Pumps, Chyna and Cuts like a knife
What's a Holiday without some glitter? These are my all time favorites! I wear them on their own, if possible, layer them over an opaque base or do a jelly sandwich with them.

7: Holiday glitters

Party hardy, Seven levels of the Candy Cane forest and Holly back girl
Need I say more? Gorgeous jam packed glitters, that look like Christmas threw up in a bottle! I love them and can't get enough! The KBShimmer is a new addition to my collection and I will be doing a full review on it later this week.

6: Green 

Winter Holly, Live and let die, Holiday Splendor and Veruschka
I love a green mani as it reminds me of a Christmas tree. I wear these on their own or paired with one of the other polishes in this post.

5: White

Angel with a leadfoot, It's all about the glam and Solitaire
A white mani always looks so crisp and clean. Perfect to balans all the craziness of the rest of my mani's during this time of year. I love OPI's My boyfriend scales walls too, but I actually don't own a bottle at the moment, as I've gone through my entire bottle. Yup, used it up completely, untill there wasn't a single drop left. I am planning on picking up a second bottle soon, that's how much I love it.

4: Gold

My favorite ornament, Tomoko and Rocky
I'm not the biggest fan of metallic polishes, so gold (and silver, my next categorie) aren't my favorite colors to wear on my nails, but around the holidays, I love them in nail art or as an accent nail. Ornament and Tomoko pretty much stay on my nails for the entire month, I have a little obsession with these 2 polishes. They're basically the same, only Tomoko is a texture and Ornament is a micro glitter.

3: Silver

Do the Snowbot, Cha-Ching and Icicle
Like I said, I only love silver around the Holidays and only in nail art or as an accent nail. Except for Cha-Ching, I do love that one and have worn it on several occasions before, as an accent nail.

2: Black and red

Vampire Coven, Fright Night, Ants in m pants and Lubu heels
I have a problem when it comes to black jelly bases with red glitter... I own them in every single brand and every single size of glitter. If I see a new one, I can't help myself, I have to pick it up! They just look so... sexy on the nail, perfect for this time of year!

And finally, my last categorie!
1: Blue and white

Pacific blue, ..., Butler please, The outer edge and Fallen
I love a bright blue cream base, paired with a white gitter. It reminds me of snow on a clear skied day and I always hope for that kind of weather on Christmas Day, but sadly, it almost never happens...
So I just have it on my nails :D

What's your favorite kind of mani to wear around the Holidays?



  1. I think Smitten with Mittens will remain my favourite, although some white or green might be nice for a change as well... Hmm.. :)

    1. Smitten is my all time favorite polish and I'm lucky enough to own a back up!
      Pure perfection an a nail <3

      It looks stunning as a ruffian, paired with black, gold, silver or a nice deep green.

  2. Ik ga mee in categorie 2, 6 en 9. In andere volgorde :')

    1. Dit is voor mij ook geen vaste volgorde hoor!
      Had al verwacht dat je die categorieen er uit zou pikken :D

  3. I really love Ornament! And in the black & reds I love Today I accomplished zero by OPI (I think it's a dupe of Lubu heels).

    1. I have both and the glitter in Lubu is a bit finer, while the base is slightly more tinted.

  4. I own exactly one of the above polishes: Butler please! Have never tried it with a white glitter, but it does sound interesting. I might give that a try!

    1. Oh, you have to give it a go!
      Trust me, it's gorgeous <3