Pipe Dream Polish Cha-Ching

Happy Monday everybody! Did you all have a good weekend?
I'm slowly getting ready for Christmas, my dress is bought and I kinda have my make up sorted, but I still haven't decided on my mani... the only thing I do know it's going to be sparkly!

Today I have an extremely sparkly polish to show you. Not my normal style, but so pretty <3

Pipe Dream Polish Cha-Ching is a silver micro glitter in a clear base, jam packed with holo glitter.

The formula is... not the best to be honest. Because it's so packed with finely milled micro glitter, it's a bit like putting wet sand on your nails. The fact that it dries extremely fast, doesn't help. But it is opaque on its own in just 2 coats and if you paint fast and stick to the 3 stroke method and don't fiddle this polish about too much, it's manageable.

And come on, when it looks like this on my nails, I'm not complaining!
I've been a little obsessed with this polish to be honest. I love the sparkle it gives. I only wore it as a full mani once and I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it like that again, but as an accent nail, oh boy, it spices up every mani!

In the shade you get a gorgeous grey silver nail, in low lighting it gives you the perfect sparkle, but in full (sun)light, this baby really brings it! Holotastic sparkle every time!

Out of focus, but look at that sparkle!!!
Pipe Dream Polish is available on Meimeisignatures and I thoroughly recommend you check this brand out, they have some awesome polishes, like Graffiti Tag and mcspiration I showed earlier.

What's your favorite bling bling polish?



  1. Zo'n lakje waarbij mensen om je heen denken WTF?! Omdat je alleen maar naar je nagels staart hahaha :-) Erg moooi!