Beyond the nail Neon Magenta

Fall and Winter are trying to decide who gets to rule the weather over here at the moment and that means it's freezing one day and the next it's a nice 8 degrees Celsius with the sun shining brightly. Today it's raining, the wind is blowing and the weather forecast calls for just a little storm, yippee!

So, what do I wear on a craptastic day like today? Well, a bright, in your face almost neon polish of course!

Beyond the nail Neon Magenta is a bright raspberry pinkish red polish. Although it's called neon and magenta, I don't think it's either one to be honest. It is extremely bright and very close to a neon but it's just not quite there and it's not magenta either... well, not what I call magenta. In my book, magenta is that shade of pink with a lot of purple mixed in and this is more pink with a lot of red mixed in. I might have my colors mixed up, so correct me if I'm wrong!

The formula is really nice, it flows on the nail with ease and it's opaque in 2 thin coats. If you're in a hurry and do a thicker coat, you might be able to get away with just a single coat! Even though I don't classify this as a true neon, it does dry as one, fast and matte. I added a layer of top coat to give it a glossy finish in my swatches.

I love these kind of colors, especially in Spring and Summer. This time of year, I tend to wear all my dark n twisty polishes, but every so often, I feel the need to shake things up and go for a bright. This did the job perfectly!

Beyond the nail is available on their Etsy page and besides doing great polishes, they also have a large selection of nail art supplies. I especially love their nial guides and vinyls. They have such a large variety of them, including snowflakes, snowman and holly vinyls that are perfect for the holiday season!

Were you familiar with this brand and am I the only one who throws in a bit of brightness in all the sultry darks or do you do the same?



  1. Oh wat een heerlijk kleurtje! Om vrolijk van te worden!

    1. Ja, hij is niet echt subtiel...
      Maar ik had wel elke keer een glimlach op mijn gezicht als ik naar mijn nagels keek :D