Loaded Lacquer Foolish Hearts

When I heard Loaded Lacquer was retiring a few gorgeous polishes, I couldn't help myself and ordered them before they were out of stock. I was very quick about it, but I still managed to miss out on a couple that I wanted, so if anybody has 40 below and wants to get rid of it (not very likely, it's gorgeous), please let me know!

Today I have one of the discontinued polishes to show you, so sadly you won't be able to pick this up anymore, but it's just so pretty, I had to show mine off. Maybe we can get Heather to mix just one more batch if we ask really nicely, lol.

Loaded Lacquer Foolish Hearts is half of the 2014 Valentine's Duo, I already showed you the other half, Cuts like a knife, a gorgeous red glitter. Foolish is a clear based topper, filled with holographic black hearts, holographic silver hearts, matte black hearts, transparent white hearts, purple hearts, holographic black hex, matte grape hex and holographic silver hex in multiple sizes. Well... if that's not enough glitter for you, I give up!

The formula is absolutely perfect, this is definitely a topper, I think you could get it opaque in 3 - 4 coats, but the end result would just be one big glitter overload and even I think that would be too much of a good thing, so I'm sticking with this being a topper.

Application is a breeze, the glitters come out so easily, no need to fish, not even for the hearts. The brush picks up so much glitter, you might have to move them around a tiny bit on the nail to get them where you want them. The glitter lays nice and flat on the nail, I had absolutely no problem with curling whatsoever. This dried really fast and shiny, but I would recommend a good layer of top coat to smooth everything out.

Don't you just love this gorgeous purple and black? I decided to go for an accent nail with one of my favorite polishes from the China Glaze City Flourish collection, Lotus Begin. I think these polishes compliment each other really nicely and I'm loving my mani.

I'm in love with Loaded Lacquer and really do want all Heather's polishes. You can get yours at the Loaded Lacquer site. She added restock info, so if the polish you want isn't in stock, check out that section to see when it will be available again.

What's your favorite Loaded Lacquer and if you don't own any yet, which one would you like to try?