Loaded Lacquer Pomegranate

Happy Monday everybody! Today is the first official day of my 3 week holiday and of course it's raining outside. Oh well, on Friday I leave for a nice full week in Greece and I can't wait!

Yesterday, the lovely Heather from Loaded Lacquer had a restock and I was able to pick up her new Jiggles. Of course I did it in style, with my favorite jiggle on my nails and I realized I've been loving her jiggles, but I haven't blogged about them yet. Today that oversight gets rectified!

Loaded Lacquer Pomegranate is a pinkie red jelly, or jiggle as she calls them.

The formula for all her jiggles is very nice. They go on very easily and are opaque in about 3 thin coats, but I always have a slight visible nail line showing through. I don't mind, in real life it's less noticable and at least when I'm wearing one of these gorgeous polishes, I don't have to say over and over again that yes, they are my real nails!

This dries really fast and super glossy, no top coat needed, but I alway add one. I absolutely love the squissy look of a jelly polish and they are perfect for jelly sandwices. I sandwiched Cuts like a knife on my ring finger and it looks so good, I'm actually thinking of making this my holiday mani on all my nails.

If you've been following this blog for a while (or if you follow me on instagram @darkntwistynails), than you know I'm madly in love with Loaded Lacquer. I love her glitters, but I also love her jiggles collection. They really are perfect.

You can purchase them here and they were just restocked yesterday. There are still a few left, but you have to be quick, they always sell out extremely fast! If you missed out on this restock, don't worry, there will be another one soon, just keep an eye on the restock page on the Loaded Lacquer site!

What's your favorite jelly polish and how do you wear it?



  1. This one is so gorgeous! I love all of her jiggles!! Cuts like a knife is on my wish list!!

    1. I've been wearing her jiggles on their own or as a sandwich pretty much my entire holiday...
      Love them!

  2. Wat een super kleur! En die accent nail is helemaal geweldig.

    1. Bedankt, die accent nail is echt mijn favoriete glitter <3