Pipe Dream Polish Graffiti tag

On your wedding day, you wear white! Or at least it's the most traditional color to wear on that BIG day. I actually wore an off white, but still... it was white. 6 years ago today, I walked down the aisle with the love of my life. I love him even more today, so in honor of our 6 year marriage, I decided to show you a gorgeous white polish, with a little twist :D

Pipe Dream Polish Graffiti Tag is a white base packed with a neon glitter mix.

The formula is really nice, I layered it over just a single coat of white to give it a head start, but you can definitely get it opaque in 2 -3 coats. I just like it better over white, because the glitter is less dense. It flows easily on the nail and I only needed to do a little placement with the odd glitter here and there, for the most part you can just paint as usual and get a perfect result. It dries really fast and shiny, but I'd recommend using a good layer of topcoat to smooth everything out.

Isn't that gorgeous? It's bright and neon, but not in your face neon. I've worn the heck out of this polish already. I wear it as a full mani like in my pictures, but I've also worn it as an accent with other neon polishes and that looks absolutely fabulous too!

White and neon are two of my favorite colors to wear in Spring and Summer, so to have them combined in one handy bottle, is right up my alley! I own several white based glitters, but I have to say this one is one of my favorites!

What's your favorite white based glitter or do you steer clear of those kind of polishes?