Happy Monday everybody! I had such a great weekend, I'm really sad it's over... The weather was gorgeous (apart from a drop of rain here and there), I went shopping in Amsterdam with a couple of friends and even though my legs were killing me the next day, it was totally worth it!

Today's #SUMMERNORULES theme is Ice Cream and who doesn't love some nice, ice cold ice cream? It's my favorite Summer treat and I love almost every flavor. For today's nail art I decided to go with an ice cream cone and creamy ice cream topped with sprinkles. I love the idea, the execution... mwah... I just can't seem to get my nail art straight on my nails...

Not my best, but still a fun mani that makes me want to lick my nails every time I look at them. To bad they don't taste like ice cream, that would be a polish I'd buy!

Have you joined the Summer No Rules fun yet?



  1. Love your ice cream cone!! Did you do some nail polish shopping in Amsterdam?

    1. Thanks!
      I was planning on buying a lot of nail polish and came home with... none!
      Can you believe it?