A England Princess Sabra

It's been so sunny here the last few days, I almost thought it was Summer already, but unfortunately I just saw the forecast and we're about to get some rain...
But with all that lovely sun, I was in the mood for a nice holo polish.

A England Princess Sabra is an olive golden holo polish. I know that's possibly the worst description of a polish ever, but when you see the swatches, you'll totally understand, trust me!

The formula is really nice, A England is famous for their one coaters, but this isn't quite there. If you do a thick coat, you could get away with just one, but I prefer 2 thin coats. It's really easy to paint and it dries fast and shiny.

This is what you'd call a pretty/ugly color and it's not for everybody. I already know some people who are going to think that this is the ugliest polish ever released by A England, but I think it's stunning! There's just something about the olive golden tint with the subtle holo that suits my skintone really well.

I love this type of holo, even though it's technically a linear holo. It's so subtle, it looks more like a scattered holo and it doesn't take away from the gorgeous color of the polish. This looks every bit as pretty in low lighting as it does in full sun.

Do you like and rock olive polish and what is your favorite A England polish?



  1. That looks gorgeous on you, not sure it would look so good on me.

    I really do need to pick up some more aEngland...some purple ones!