China Glaze Pop the trunk

I love orange on my nails and one of my favorite polishes of all time is China Glaze Riveting. I've worn that so much, my bottle is almost gone. So when I saw China Glaze included an orange polish in the recently released Road Trip collection, I just had to get it.

China Glaze Pop the trunk is a very red leaning midtoned orange cream. This was marketed as a bright orange, but I just don't agree with that. It is a really nice color though that will suit just about any skintone.

The formula is... well... not my kind of formula. It's not bad, but it is rather thin and it does tend to run down the nail and flood the cuticle. You need to be very careful not to overload the brush when applying, or you'll end up with a mess on your nails.

Besides the very thin, runny formula, this also needs at least 3 coats to be fully opaque and it doesn't dry as fast as other polishes. It is a nice and shiny polish, but I'd suggest adding a fast drying topcoat anyway, to help with the drying time.

I do really love this color, It's the perfect midtoned orange. Not too bright, not too muted and it will look good on just about everybody, but it's just not so unique that I want to put up with the formula.

If you like a thin formula, this is the polish for you, but if not, I'd skip this one.

Did you pick up any polishes from the Road Trip collection?



  1. What a great orange for you, love it!

    1. Thanks!
      I do love the color, if only it had a better formula...

  2. Weet precies wat je bedoelt betreft de formule... Wel jammer! Tis niet geheel mijn kleur ook.