Zoya Noir

When the textured polishes hit the scene, I wasn't an instant fan. I just didn't like the way they got stuck in my hair and clothes, it really bugged me. I'm still not a big fan, but I did find a line of textures I do like, the Zoya Pixie Dusts. They tend to have a finer texture that doesn't bug me as much as the others.

A while ago, Zoya launched the magical pixies, with big, chunky glitter and I skipped all of them. Not only because I didn't like a single color, to sweet for me, but also because I just didn't like the big chunks in the polish.

What I do love about a texture though, is that they are just so quick to apply and dry really fast. So when Zoya released the Ultra Pixie Dusts last month, I was skeptical, because it seemed like there's bigger, chunky glitter in them, but I did really love all 3 colors (red vampy polishes, hello, no brainer for me!) and I couldn't stop myself picking them all up.

Today I have the first one to show you. Zoya Noir is a deep purple base, that looks almost black, with a lot of pinkish red small and medium sized hex glitter.

The formula is really nice. It's opaque in 2 coats, just make sure you have enough polish on your brush for the second coat to cover the texture of the first coat. It dries to a matte finish, like most textures, but the glitters sparkle a lot, which makes it look shiny.

I love this one, it's my perfect texture! A dark, vampy base with a little glitter kick to it, how can I not love it? The larger glitter is something I have to get used to and, I admit, not my favorite, but they're only slightly larger than the glitters in the regular Pixie Dusts, luckily they're not that chunky at all!

After trying Noir, I can't wait to try the other two. If they're anything like this one, I'm going to love them!

What's your favorite texture and do you have the same problems I have with your nails sticking to your hair?



  1. Ik denk dat ik dit wel de mooiste van de 3 vind. ik kan niet wachten tot die van mij binnenkomen!
    Dat blijven haken is heel herkenbaar, daar kon ik eerst ook absoluut niet tegen.

    1. Dit is ook mijn favorite!
      De anderen zijn ook echt heel gaaf, maar dit is gewoon echt mijn kleur!