Dance Legend Thermo No 175

I'm a little proud I can actually show you these pictures and give you my review. I've had this polish for about a year or so, I can't remember exactly when I got this, but what I do remember is feeling incredibly dissapointed. I saw gorgeous swatches, with a beautifull french looking finish and I wanted that! When I got my bottle, the color was... well... horrible might be a little strong, but I didn't like it, not at all! So to the back of my Helmer they ( I ordered 2) went.

But after some heavy peer pressure from some people, I caved and slapped this on my nails. I have to admit: I kind of like it!

Dance Legend Thermo No 175 is a shimmery thermal reactive polish. That means it changes color when it's warm or cold.

The formula is really nice. It flows easily on the nail, dries fast and this is a 1 coater! But of course I couldn't leave it at just 1 coat, I had to add the second. What is that? I'm not the only one who has this problem, I can't be, can anybody tell me why I feel the need to always add a second coat? Anyway, back to the polish.

When it's warm, it's a nice berry red.

When it's cold, it's a deep purple.

I like the cold color a lot and I think the warm color is really nice, but I love this polish when it's mid transition. The berry red almost turns a pinkish red and you can see that gorgeous deep purple at the tips of your nails.

I've been playing with this polish all night yesterday and today and I think it's extremely fun! I'm glad I finally put this on.

You can buy Dance Legend at their own site, Llarowe, Color4nails and Ninja Polish.

Have you ever tried a thermal polish and if so, which one?



  1. I think I'm in love! What a beauty!

  2. Cool, I love both colours. It would be very purple here :(

  3. It looks so pretty. I have never ordered a thermal but see tons of them on Instagram and am always intrigued!!