Mani Monday's: Olympics

Happy Monday!
I can't believe Januari is already over, where did that go? I'm still waiting for winter, but I really wouldn't mind skipping it completely this year.

Today's Mani Monday theme is the Olympics. There are a few contestants from my little country that participate in the Winter Olympics and of course I'm rooting for them to win. I especially like the snowboarding and speed skating competetion and will be watching a lot!

But the winter sport I love the most and will probably watch every game of, is ice hockey. It's one of the sports that The Netherlands doesn't compete in during the Olympics because it's just not that popular here. I absolutely love this sport and usually my husband and me watch every game!

For this mani, I deceided to show my Dutch spirit with our national color, our flag and, because the theme is Olympics: the rings.

The rings didn't quite turn out the way I wanted them to, but I'm happy with this. At least it's a fun mani that shows my support :D

Are you going to watch the Olympics and what is your favorite winter sport?