piCture pOlish Badass

Hi all, did you have a nice weekend? I'm still stuffed from all the sushi I ate on Saturday, but I had so much fun! Thanks girls, you made my weekend!

The polish I have today, I basically bought for the name. I thought it was pretty, but nothing special in the bottle. Boy, was I wrong...

Picture Polish Badass is a black base, filled with a lot of teeny tiny holo glitter. On the nail, it looks more like a charcoal grey polish, because of all the glitter in it. This is one of the collaboration shades and it's created with Sassy Shelly.

The formula for this polish is... well... fan-freaking-tastic!!! It's really easy to paint, dries really fast and shiny, but what you see in my swatches, is 1 coat! Yup, this baby is a true one coater! Not a thick or even slightly thicker coat, just one, easy, smooth and thin coat!

Dark, twisty, glitter, one coat... do I even need to tell you how much I love this polish? I just can't get over it. Well done Picture Polish and Sassy Shelly, well done!

The text on the bottle fits me perfectly: nice nails, naughty girl. This is me in a bottle!

Picture Polish is available on their website and they have several international stockist, all listed here.
I highly recommend picking this polish up!

Did you ever pick up a polish, not expecting much and have it blow you away?