OPI Aloha from OPI

When the OPI Hawaii collection came out, I told myself I wasn't going to get any of them. Not because I didn't like the colors, but because the ones that I liked the most, didn't look unique to my collection. So I sat on my hands and didn't order any *proud moment*

And then swatched kept coming, polishes kept looking awesome and my polish hoarder instinct came out and ordered a couple.Yes, just a couple, but come on, one's a gorgeous reddish polish, how was I supposed to resist?

OPI Aloha form OPI is a fun and bright coral tinted red cream. This is a hard color to describe, because sometimes it looks red, other times it's coral and it even looks a bit orange on occasion.

The formula is so so nice! It flows on the nail with ease, is opaque in 2 thin coats and dries fast and super shiny. It is a little on the thin side, so be careful not to overload your brush to avoid flooding your cuticles.

Don't even get me started on this color, I love it so much! I already am a big fan of everything red, but this turned out to be such a unique color to my collection. It's red, coral and orange, all in one polish. Love, love, LOVE it!

This is the perfect sping and summer red(dish) polish for me and I can't wait to wear it again. Actually, I might just put it on, right now!

Did you pick up any of the Hawaii collection and if so, which one is your favorite?