OPI Lost my bikini in Molokini

Oh hello, Friday, I've missed you! Only a few more hours at work to get through and then I'm off to enjoy my weekend. I caved and I'm going to watch 50 shades of Grey on Sunday, I just have to see for myself if it's any good. I'm not expecting much, but at least I get to enjoy some half naked Jamie Dornan on the big screen, always a plus in my book!

Today's polish is the other polish from the OPI Hawaii collection that I picked up. I loved the colors in this collection, but I thought they were too much like other polishes I already owned.
But I just couldn't resist Aloha from OPI and I since I don't own a lot of purple creams, I picked this one up too.

OPI Lost my bikini in Molokini is a medium purple cream. Nothing special to be honest, but I really love this color and didn't own anything like it yet.

The formula was really nice, easy to paint with just the right consistency, opaque in 2 thin coats and it dried really fast and shiny.

The color is, like I said, not too special, but it is really pretty and flattering on my skin tone. I don't own a lot of purple, because it's not a color I normally gravitate towards. Which is really strange, because I love a good purple and it's my husbands favorite color next to red. If I don't want a red nail, he always asks for purple.

Looking at my nails, I understand why. There's just something a about a purple nail. It makes me think of Summer, having a glass of wine while sitting in the garden, enjoying the nice weather.

What do you think about a purple nail? Is it a color you rock on a regular basis?



  1. Heerlijke kleur zeg! Exact dezelfde kleur als mn haakwerkje op het moment :-)

    1. Als dat geen goede reden is om dit lakje te kopen, dan weet ik het ook niet meer!