A England Rose Bower

If you've been following my little blog for a while, you probably know I'm not a big fan of holo polishes. I think it's such a shame that all you see is the overpowering holo and the often gorgeous base color is nowhere to be found. Or the polish is gorgeous in the sun, with it's holo in full effect, but really boring and dull in normal lighting.

Well, I think I have to adjust that statement just a little. I really only don't like the strong linear holo polish, but I absolutely love a subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) scattered holo! It gives the polish a nice boost in the sunlight, while still being absolutely gorgeous in low lighting.

A England Rose Bower is just that, a gorgeous deep red polish, packed with a scattering of subtle holo goodness.

The formula is... well...  it's just flippin' fantastic! This is a true one coater, even for me! I tend to do such thin coats, that most polishes that people rave about being a one coater, need 2 on my nails (Sally Hansen Pacific Blue for instance). Not this one, this was opaque in just 1, the second coat that I added (I've never been able to do just 1 coat, no matter how opaque it is. I know, I have issues...) didn't do anything for opacity and it didn't change the color either. It was easy to paint and dried fast and smooth.

Isn't it a pretty red color? This is what it looks like in low lighting, just a gorgeous, vampy red polish. But the real beauty of this polish comes out when the sun hits it. It transforms a relatively simple polish into an absolute stunner!

Just look at that holo sparkle! I can't get enough, it's just so pretty, without taking anything away from the base color. This is my kind of holo!

What's your favorite kind of holo? Do you like your holo's subtle like me, or are you the boom in your face kind of holo lover?



  1. Is je op het lijf geschreven zeg, staat je prachtig! Ik heb 'm ook, maar op de een of andere manier is-ie ingedikt en lakt-ie nu echt zo vreselijk! En dat voor een holo :-(. Hoop dat die van jou dat niet gaat doen! Zou echt zonde zijn, want als ik het zo zie, moet je 'm echt vaker dragen :D!

    1. Die van mij lakt echt meer dan prima gelukkig.
      Zo'n heerlijke kleur, deze gaat komende lente en zomer vaak op mijn nageltjes schitteren :D