piCture pOlish Lollipop

Sometimes a blogpost writes itself, but today's post...  not so much.
I struggled a little to get the wording for this post right, but the biggest struggle was to get this polish on my nails in such a way, that it did justice to the absolutely stunning polish I saw in the bottle. This wasn't a polish that I just slapped on or a blogpost that I wrote in 2 minutes, this has taken a bit more effort on my part to get it right.

Picture Polish Lollipop is the polish that gave me such a hard time. Yup, a Picture Polish that I struggled with, it's a first for me. Lollipop is a gorgeous deep purple jelly base, filled with different sizes and shades of purple glitter.

When I first saw this polish, I was over the moon with it. It's such a gorgeous deep color and it has glitter in it! The reason that I struggled with it, is that the jelly base is quite sheer and I just couldn't get it opaque and looking deep enough on my nails, while still being easy to paint.

I tried 2 thicker coats, but ended up with a gloopy mess, I tried 3 thin coats, but I found I just didn't want to deal with the thicker formula and run away glitters. I felt so dissapointed and I almost gave up, but I've seen so many people rave about this polish and it looks so good in swatches, I wanted it to work for me too!

So for my third attempt I tried layering it over a single (not even opaque in the slightest) coat of OPI Do you have this color in Stock-holm? and low and behold, it worked, no, it looked stunning!

I only needed 1 coat but I did 2, just to see if it would deepen the color. It didn't, but it did add extra glitter. I absolutely love how this looks, finally I understand what people rave about and this is now a favorite instead of a dissapointment.

This polish was created in collaboration with Nail Polish Canada, a Canadian polish retailer that (unfortunately) doesn't ship internationally. But if you live in Canada, this is a great site for you!

This polish was intended as a more textured polish, so if you want a smooth finish, you do need to add a good topcoat. I suspect that's also the reason for the much thicker than all my other Picture Polishes formula.

What do you think about Lollipop?



  1. O, I had as much struggles as you, what a disaster to apply!
    I wore it once on its own, but did have some bald spots here and there... I didn't do any justice to the gorgeousness of this polish... I put the bottle away, sad that it didn't turn out the way I imagined it.
    I really like it layered this way, though! I think I'm actually taking out my bottle soon and try for myself!

    1. You definitely should, it makes all the difference!

  2. What a gorgeous purple, too bad it was such a hassle to get to it.

    1. It's such a deep, rich purple <3
      Once I figured out to layer it over Stock-holm, it wasn't a pain at all and if you get a change to pick it up, it's absolutely worth it and a perfect color for you!

  3. Ik vind 'm echt heel mooi! Wat frustrerend dat je 'm niet goed op kreeg. Ik ken het! Super over dat kleurtje van OPI heen. Echt een musthave!