piCture pOlish Columbia

It's Friday, I'm wearing red polish and my boss has the day off, so I'm all alone in the office... Party Time!!!
Am I the only one who really enjoys these kind of days at work? Nobody around, music playing as loud as I want, nobody to disturb me from my work and if I want to eat my lunch at 11 or at 3, it really doesn't matter either way. It's my favorite way to spend my last day before the weekend.

Which red polish do I have on my nails you ask? Well,  Picture Polish Columbia has the honor! This was released in the Rocky Horror collection in 2014 and as soon as I saw previews for this collection, I knew I had to have them all, I just love The Rocky Horror Picture Show! This polish was inspired by the character Columbia and her red bow tie.

Columbia is a red jelly base, packed with red glitter. The formula is nice, but because it's so jam-packed with glitter, it can be a little on the thick side. It's easy to paint though and the glitter spreads evenly on the nails. It's opaque in 2 coats and it dries really fast. Although this does dry reasonably shiny, I would recommend a good, thick topcoat to smooth it out and add a bit of extra shine, because you can never have too much shine when it comes to glitter in my book!

When I first painted this on my nails, it reminded me of China Glaze Ruby Pumps, but it's definitely different. Ruby Pumps is a couple of shades darker and that is a glass fleck, rather than a full on glitter like this one.

Red... glitter... nice formula... do I really need to say more? I love, love, LOVE this polish! We've had some really nice weather yesterday, with lots of sunshine and this baby sparkled! ( I couldn't help but wave my fingers at my husband and say: "Look at my nails, they're pwetty, they spwarkle!" He didn't get it, but I know some of you will!)

Picture Polish is an Australian brand and is available on their website. They do ship internationally, but they also have a list of international stockists on their site. I love this brand so much and am looking forward to many more new shades.

What's your favorite Picture Polish?



  1. Apart kleurtje. Hij staat je goed!

  2. Die is zo gaaf!! Volg ze op Insta en dus regelmatig gezien. Hij is leuk en stoer! (en rood haha jaaaaaaa)

    1. Ik ben echt groot fan van dit merk! Alle lakjes die ik tot nu toe geprobeerd heb lakken fijn en ze hebben fantastische kleuren :)