31DC2013 Violet: Illamasqua Faux Pas

Today's theme for the 31DC2013 is Violet. Always a tricky color, because nobody seems to exactly know what the difference is between violet and purple... But I think Illamasqua Faux Pas is violet, at least it is in my book!

I was going to go for another attempt at striping tape, but I realised I couldn't use a top coat to seal my art with this polish  and decided to try the tape next time. It would be a shame to cover the beautifull finish of this polish with a shiny layer of SV.

Faux Pas is a creamy violet polish, that dries with a rubberish finish. It's part of the Theatre of the Nameless collection for fall/winter 2011. I absolutely love this, its such a deep toned violet and the finish is gorgeous!

The Illamasqua brush is really nice'. Thin like I like my brushes, but fans out enough to cover the nail. The handle is a bit too short for my liking though. The bottle comes with a big square cap that you remove for the actual handle. The handle that you're left with is small and I can't get a nice grip on it.

The formula is spot on and it's almost a one coater, but I did need the second coat to get it 100% opaque. It dries really fast, when I finished all 10 nails, my first nail was dry and ready for the second coat. I'm normally a little skeptic and afraid of polishes that don't need top coat, as I've had many a bednail after not adding a topcoat. Because I always paint my nails at night, I usually go to bed about an hour or so after finishing my mani and have woken up with the covers imprinted on my nails... But not with this polish!

2 coats Faux Pas
On the bottle it does say it works best with the Illamasqua base and top coat, but I think that's really strange, as you would lose the rubber finish by adding a top coat...

Faux Pas did leave a couple of bubbles on my nails. Normally I would even those out (if I have any) with my trusty SV, but of course I couldn't do that with this polish. But that's just a minor thing that nobody will notice, except for me.

Because I didn't add a top coat, the durability of this polish is slightly less than my normal mani's. Next time I will try adding a coat of SV, just to see what it looks like.

This polish does remind me of the Orly Plastix polish in Purple Pleather, but I like this polish better. It's just a bit deeper in color and looks better with my skin tone.

Do you own a polish with a rubber finish?



  1. This color is gorgeous! I have a couple butter LONDON polishes that have that rubbery finish and I gotta say, it's not my favorite. I always put a top coat over them to get the shiny finish. :)

    1. I really like the color and the finish, but I don't like the fact that it's not perfect on my nails... can't deal with that, lol.

  2. Great shade of purple, it looks kind of like China Glaze's Grape Pop? I don't think I have any polishes with that rubbery finish.

    1. It does remind me a little of Grape Pop, but I don't own that one... maybe in futer, lol.