Sinful Colors Precious Metal

One of the big nail trends for fall that seems to come back every year is metallics. Although I love all nail polish, I'm not a fan of this particular finish because it just doesn't seem to suit my skintone. I love silver and gold polish, but they make me look like I'm undead...
For instance, I wish I could rock Orly Rage, I love that rosegold tone, but I didn't even buy it, because of previous experiences with metallics and my skin...

So when the lovely Holly (misshollyberies, blog and Youtube) send me a few polishes and she included a metallic one, I was hesitant. Although I immediately loved the color (I'm a sucker for blue), I was afraid the finish wouldn't work for me. Nothing was further from the truth! As soon as I put Sinful Colors Precious Metal on my nails, I loved it! Finally, a metallic polish I could actually pull off!

It's a midtoned blue polish with a silver metallic shimmer running through it. This polish is part of the 2012 Hot Flash Metallics collection.

Isn't that gorgeous?
I was so happy she send me Sinful Colors, as I don't have access to this particular brand and was dying to try it. The formula of this polish was good, but the polish itself was a  little on the sheer side. It flows on the nail, but I did need 3 coats to get it fully opaque. But since it dried reasonably fast and was so easy to apply, I didn't mind.

2 coats Precious Metal
If anyone knows a good site where I can buy SC that actually shippes to Europe, please let me know!



  1. What a gorgeous metallic blue!! Love!!

  2. Looks fabulous on amazes me different shades of a colour can look different on different people. I gotta get my hands on some Sinful Colors.