Waat Beauty Box August 2013

Yesterday, I received the Waat Beauty Box for the month of August. I was really looking forward to it and was curious to see what was inside. Well... I am not impressed...

The box itself is a really cute blue box with pink fillegree on it. The products are wrapped in tissue paper with a satin ribbon around it. I love the attention to detail with regards to the packing of the box. I just wish Waat would pay more attention to the content...


In my box I received the following products:

So...? Shop till u drop
Deodarant/body spray mini
(Waat says this is a full size, but it's 50ml, full size is 75ml)

Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex advanced cellular age defense, pore refining lotion.
Full size

Dove Visible effects body lotion

Rimmel nail polish in Cranberry Zest
Full size

Estee Lauder make up bag
Supposedly full size, but it's a really small bag
Not bad products, but not one that really catches my eye...
That's a shame, but always a risk when ordering a surprise box. But Waat claims to be a Beauty Box with new and innovating products and, in my opinion, none of these are.

My real issue with this box though,  is that there are different product options that make the value of the box significantly different. Instead of the Dove mini, you could received a Rimmel blush (full size) or an Astor blush (full size).

If this was the only difference, I would have been able to get over it, but no, Waat decided to include another product option. Instead of the mini make up bag, you could have receivde a full size Estee Lauder product, like a lipstick, lipgloss or a face cream . Waat claims the make up bag is a full size, but there is no way this tiny bag has the same value as a full size Estee Lauder product!

These two differences make for a very different box! If you're lucky, you get both full size products, but if you are really "lucky", like me, you get both mini versions.

This is not ok in my book, you can not give out boxes that vary so much in value to people who all have the same subscribtion. It's just not done!

It would have been a lot better if Waat had made sure every box had just one mini for one of the two options, not both. Badly done Waat, badly done...

I have send an email to Waat with this complaint and am eagerly awaiting their response. If this is not satisfactory, I will cancel my subscription.

Did you receive the Waat box?
What do you think about sending out different boxes?



  1. I don't blame you for emailing them and I'll be curious to hear what they say in their response. I'm not currently subscribed to any monthly boxes, but I was a Julep Maven for maybe 2 months - lol!

    1. I wanted to become a Maven, but, of course, they don't ship to Europe.

  2. I received almost the same box as your's. But mine is worse because my nail polish is yellow! :-(
    I am done with the Waat box now and I canceled my subscription. Too bad..

    1. I happen to like yellow polish, but it's a tricky color to deal with. I can imagine your not happy with it.

      I'm waiting for their response before cancelling. I do want to give them a change, but I'm leaning toward cancelling.

  3. Ik snap dat je deze inhoud niet zo leuk vind. Mijn inhoud was daarentegen veel leuker naar mijn idee. En natuurlijk ook meer waard. Wat jammer dat je deze inhoud dan hebt ontvangen :(

    1. Dat is precies mijn "probleem" met deze box. Niet zo zeer de producten, maar de grote verschillen in inhoud en waarde. Vind het jammer dat WAAT daar niet beter over nagedacht heeft.