Mani Monday's: Back to School

This weeks theme is Back to School. Lovely theme, but I haven't been back to school for over a decade. Yes, showing my age here, but I still feel like a school girl on the inside sometimes and that's what counts!

After thinking about this theme for a long time I was coming up completely blank. I briefly considered painting my nails in my school colors, but we don't really have school colors here and the logo where I went to school is a blue square with a white F on it... not really inspiring.
So I did the only possible thing: opened Youtube for inspiration :D

I saw a lot of great ideas and designs, but since I'm just not that good at nail art, I had to simplify everyting. I grabbed my dotting tools and, with an idea in mind, got to work.

The polishes I used to create this fun art:
First Timer, Splash of Grenadine, Butler Please, My boyfriend scales walls, Cute as a Button and Rainstorm
The result was nowhere near perfect, drawing lines with a dotting tool is harder than it looks, but I'm happy enough. So, with a bit of help and inspiration from a lot of Youtube nail artists, this is my Back to School nail art!

Before I tell you wat it's supposed to be, I'm wondering if any of you get it right, lol!

What is or was your favorite thing about going back to school?



  1. Think it's supposed to be the top left corner of a notebook right? With the vertical red line and then the blue lines that you write on.

    Think it looks pretty good!

  2. WOW...I agree with Lindsay...SO creative! You can totally tell that those are pages from a spiral notebook! You know, I had wondered if you could draw lines using a dotting tool and now I know it can be done, but not easily! :-D GREAT JOB!!

    1. It can be done, but it is tricky! You have to be carefull not to drag the base color.


  3. I love it! So colorful and creative!! Really cute design!!

  4. Awesome mani. I've seen a bunch of 'lined paper' manicures, but yours is so much a step above the the different colours. Are you doing the 31DC2013?? If not you should ;)

    1. Thanks so much! I was thinking about doing it, but a nailart every day is a lot of work....
      And I'm going on holiday for a week during September, so might not be a good idea ;)

      But if I like a theme, I might join for the odd day here and there :D

  5. what an awesome mani! So cute and creative!!