China Glaze Boundary of Memory

When I saw that China Glaze was coming out with a collection based on The Giver, I knew I had to pick up a couple. I haven't seen the movie yet, but the fact that Alexander Skarsgard is in it makes me want to buy every single polish. It's a not so secret fact that I have a little crush on him and a polish collection based on one of his movies... I'm all over that!

Luckily I loved almost all the colors, but the one I'm showing you today stood out the most for me.
China Glaze Boundary of Memory is a densly packed micro glitter in black, brown, copper and silver.

This is so densly packed, it's opaque on its own in 2 coats, but that's the one good thing I can say about the formula. It's thick, goopy and dries so fast, it's hard to get nice and even on the nail. Pair that with a crapy brush and you have my bottle of this polish. This has one of the worst formula's I've come across in a long time, it gives the neons a run for its money!

But the end result is absolutely stunning. I can forgive a polish a really crapy formula if it's really gorgeous on the nail and luckily that is the case with this polish. In real life this sparkles a lot more than in my pictures, because of the silver glitter in it.

I really love it, I just wish the formula wasn't as bad. I have read a few reviews about this polish that said the formula was actually ok, so maybe it's just my bottle. Let's hope so, because if you love the China Glaze micro glitter polishes, you'll love this one!

Have you seen The Giver yet and will you be picking up any of the polishes?



  1. Wat een geweldige lak! Wel ontzettend jammer dat hij zo vervelend lakte.

    1. Ja, daar baal ik ook ontzettend van!
      Zonde, maar ik hoop voor jullie dat het alleen mijn flesje is.