China Glaze New Birth

I was browsing through my stash yesterday, trying to pick a polish to wear, but I didn't feel like any of the colors I pulled out. It seemed like I wore them all recently and I just wasn't feeling it. So I thought it was time for something to cleanse the palette. I usually go for white or a nude when I'm in this kind of mood, but as I just picked up a few of the polishes from The Giver collection that China Glaze just released, I thought this would do the trick.

China Glaze New Birth is a gorgeous super light blue cream. It almost looks white, but they did add a few drops of blue. It actually never looks white on the nail, but you'd have to hold the bottle next to a true white to see a big difference.

The formula was nice, it flowed on the nail with ease, but it was a tad bit patchy. It did level nicely on the nail though and dried quick enough. I did 2 thin coats, but I should have added a third, because I do have some bold spots on my nails. I just couldn't be bothered yesterday...

I really love this color, it's so nice and fresh and it's just what I wanted. My nails look like a blanc canvas, ready for some colorful paint next time I paint my nails, which will probably be tonight or tomorrow, because I change my polish that often.

I love these types of polishes because I wear so much color and bling on my nails, every now and then I need something a bit less... well... colorful and this is perfect for that! I know it looks pretty much white, but it really is blue, trust me!

What polishes do you tend to reach for when you need a break from all the color, glitter or other craziness on your nails?



  1. Simple, yet pretty Anca!

  2. Wil dolgraag nog eens wat van deze collectie bestellen. Mooi lakje, met die blauwe hint!

    1. Ik heb bijna de hele collectie, ze zijn echt allemaal super mooi en dekken allemaal heel goed.
      Zou er zeker een paar oppikken.