Pink and Green Water marble

I'm going to be visiting my family this weekend and as usual, I asked my 3 year old niece what color I should paint my nails. She always gives me 1 of 3 answers: pink, blue or red, so I already had a mani for those 3 colors in mind. Of course the little cheecky bugger gave me a completely different answer this time. She demanded in that stern voice only 3 year olds have that I paint my nails pink and green, because those are her favorite colors!

Ok... not 2 colors I'd normally pair together, but I like a challenge! I decided to give water marbling another go. I must have tried to get a decent pattern on my nails like a 100 times before, but I'm just so bad at marbling. I don't know what I do wrong, but I always end up with a mess on my nails.

Not this time! This time it actually turned out great. I really like this mani, so much so, that I decided to share it with you :D

I used the always impossible to photograph China Glaze Four Leaf Clover as my green, OPI Dim Sum Plum for the dark pink and OPI If you moust you moust as my light pink.

I think it's really cute and the colors work really well together. I'm so proud I finally managed to do a water marble, even if it's only on 1 nail.

Have you tried water marbling and if so, any tips on how to get the perfect pattern on my nails?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, helemaal geweldig! Goed idee ook van je nichtje om die kleuren te gebruiken.

    1. Dank je, ze vond het zelf ook helemaal geweldig :D

  2. Dat groene lakje...wauw! Zo'n zwak voor... Mooie watermarble, goed gelukt!

    1. Ik hou van groene lak en dit is een van mijn favorieten!
      Alhoewel hij nog mooier in het echt is, deze is gewoon niet op de foto te krijgen...