Pahlish La Belle Endormie

I've been in full Fall polish mode the last week, even though the weather has been really nice. I was just craving dark polishes. The first dark polish I wore this year is the same one I wear every year as soon as I feel the need for darkness on my nails: OPI's Lincoln Park after Dark. I absolutely love that polish!

Not only did I feel like wearing darker polish, I also felt like buying darker polish. Out with the brights and neons (I'll be expecting a comeback around Christmas, that's when I usually crave a change from all the darks) and in with deep, dark, vampy colors!

Today I have a spectacular polish and one of my new additions to show you.

Pahlish La Belle Endormie is a gorgeous purple based red with a ton of golden micro glitter in it.

I've seen a lot of swatches of this polish and they all look way more purple than it does on me. On my nails it's a gorgeous deep, dark, vampy red with a hint of purple. The purple is a little more noticeable irl than in my pictures, but it's still more red than purple. Luckily everybody knows how I feel about red polish, lol.

La Belle Endormie  translates to Sleeping Beauty, one of the nicknames given to the French city of Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world, because its beautiful city center was once covered in black soot from the industrial revolution. I absolutely love this polish! The color is so incredibly stunning, I'd recommend running out and getting this!

The formula was nice, a little on the thick side, but still easy to work with. Opaque in 2 thin coats and it dried really fast and reasonably shiny, but I did add a layer of top coat.

This is the only good thing about fall and winter for me, vampy polishes! I do rock them in other seasons, but brands don't come out with them during Spring and Summer, so I'm loving the changing of the season right now!

What's your favorite thing about Fall?