OPI Racing Red

Sometimes, after I've been wearing a lot of bright colors, glitters, shimmers or just plain sparkly nails, I crave a nice, simple, red cream. Last week was one of those occasions and luckily I have quite a few red creams in my collection. This time, I decided to go with a fairly new addition to my collection (thanks Nans!).

OPI Racing Red is, like I said, a red cream. When I first saw this in the bottle, I was a little disappointed, because it looked really orange. But the friend who gave it to me, said it didn't look orange on the nail, so I trusted her and gave it a go.

The formula is really nice, although a little on the wants-to-run-in-my-cuticle-side, so be careful when applying. It's extremely opaque, almost a one coater, but I did need two to get it even and cover all my ridges. It dried really fast and super shiny, I didn't add a top coat for my pictures, to show just how shiny this is.

This polish was released as part of the OPI Ford Mustang 2014 collection and I love how they printed the Mustang logo on the cap. This just gives it something extra, I wish they would've done the same with the Coca Cola logo for that collection.

Isn't that gorgeous? I don't know what it is about a red nail, but I just can't get enough. Red will always be my favorite color and no matter how many reds I have in my collection, I will always keep buying more!

How do you feel about red polish and what's your favorite?



  1. Prachtig, staat je erg goed.!Vind de paardjes op het dopje ook erg schattig.