OPI Every month is Oktoberfest

This is a really beautifull polish from the German Collection.
It's a deep, brownish burgundy red with a subtle shimmer to it.

What makes this polish stunning instead of just a nice polish, is the fact that this is actually a duochrome polish. It flashes very strongly from deep burgundy to blue/purple in the bottle, so so pretty!

On the nail, the duochrome is a lot less noticable, but it's still there and it makes this polish a real stunner.

It is opaque in one, yes really, one coat.
But I have a problem... I can't paint any polish with just one coat, I always do two.
Even if I'm just trying them out on my nail wheel, I have to do a second coat... what is up with that? Am I the only weird person who does that?

Any way...
The pictures are two coats, with Seche Vite top coat.

Gorgeous right?
In the second picture you can see the duochrome really well.

I always enjoy OPI on my nails, the polish is usually a very good consistency and I like the brush. It's just wide enough to cover my entire nail in 3 strokes.
This polish was no exception, the consistency was spot on!

The only "less positive" thing I have to say is that OPI polishes chip on me more quickly then any other polish. But as polishes tend to be glued to my nails anyway, I can't complain...



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