OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight

Ok, I've been thinking about the first polish to show on this blog and with my title, it could only be one: OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight :D

I have been debating whether to buy this one or the other much talked about Lincoln Park polish (after Dark) for a while, and finally ordered Lincoln Park at Midnight 3 weeks ago after reading about it on a different blog.

And oh boy, did I make the right choice!
I'm in love with this polish.

Deep, deep purple, which looks almost black on the nail, but in daylight you can definitely see it's purple.
Opaque in one coat (but better with 2), it dries really fast and it shines like crazy.

One coat (picture taken with flash, as I usually paint my nails at night, but it gives you an idea of the coverage with just one coat)

Two coats and Seche Vite top coat:
(I added a small water decal as a playfull accent on my ring finger)

In the bottle you can see a silver shimmer, but that doesn't translate onto the nail, which I am actually happy about.

I like it so much, I'm actually thinking about getting Lincoln Park after Dark too...



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