WingDust Crazy on You

My current manicure is a beautifull Indie polish from WingDust Collections called Crazy on you.

I was browsing around Etsy, Llarowe and all the other nail polish sellers for some new polishes, when a friend of mine send me a text that she had found a gorgeous nail polish brand and was going to order some.
Would I like to order with her?
Euh.... of course!

I hurried over tot her Etsy page to see what colors were available and when I saw this polish I loved it, but the description of this polish made me buy it straight away!

Of course, now I can't find the description anywhere... but it was something dark and twisty (hence my immediate affection for it).

This polish is a dark blue jelly which almost looks black, filled with blue and magenta shifting shimmmer and silver and pink glitter. When the light hits it just right, it blings on your nails, so so pretty!
I'm in love <3

It is reasonably shiny on its own, but it is a bit rough to the touch, so I used one coat of NailPatternBoldness Glitter food to smooth it out and 1 coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat to get the shine back.

2 coats on its own

2 coats, with 1 coat Glitter Food (it turns matte)

2 coats, with 1 coat GF and 1 coat SH top coat

My only problem with this polish is the consistency. It's a litte thick and goopy, which makes it rather hard to apply. But when you roll the bottle between your palms when it gets to thick, you can get a normal layer on your nails. And really, who cares with a result like this? I know I don't!

Next time I'll wear this, I think I'll skip the GF, because it causes shrinkage when you use it with a fast dry topo coat (I knew this was a side effect when you use Seche Vite, that is why I tried the SH top coat).
I know Alllison from NailPatternBoldness is aware of this problem and has recently changed the formula for Glitter Food which should solve this problem.

In this picture, you can see the shrinkage by the tips of my nails.
I always paint those too, but now I have a white edge...

A friend of mine has a bottle of the new formula and according to her, she no longer has a problem with shringage. I just haven't gotten around to buying a new bottle yet, but I will do so shortly because it is the best top coat for chunky glitters and I love it!

You can find WingDust Collections on Etsy and Facebook:

You can find NailPatternBoldness on Etsy and Llarowe:



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