China Glaze Golden Enchantment

Everybody is probably familiar with a great little China Glaze glitter topper called Fairy Dust. In the polish loving world "Every thing looks better with a bit of Fairy Dust" is a well known phrase. But did you know this silver holographic stunner has a golden sister?

China Glaze Golden Enchantment is a very finely milled gold glitter in a clear base with some holographic particals. It came out in a set called the Fashion Fairy collection in 2005, so it's a fairly old polish, but it's still widely available. The set consisted of this polish and Fairy Dust.

The formula is perfect. It glides on the nails and dries really fast. Because it's a very fine glitter in a clear base, there's no way you could ever get this opaque on its own and I don't think anybody would want that. It's gorgeous as a topper though and gives any manicure that little bit extra.
To show the different looks, I layered it over red, white and black for my pictures.

Did you know about these sisters and what's your favorite color to layer it over?



  1. I didn't know Fairy Dust had a sister! It looks somewhat similar to Angel Wings by China Glaze...definitely not as dense. It's beautiful!

    1. Angel Wiings is nice too, but I prefer this one as I can layer it over diferent mani's.
      It just gives it something extra.