Zoya Carter

Monday and no Mani Monday, it feels a little weird. But than again, this entire month feels weird (even if it's only 6 days old), because it's January and it's 10 degrees outside (Celsius). It should be freezing, snowing or something like that! Not that I like the cold, but still, this warm weather just doesn't feel right! I think it's trying to compensate for the extreme cold in the US. Hopefully you are keeping warm if you are in that area. Anyway, I have a great polish to show you today.

I've had my eye on a few Zoya polishes for a long time, especially the Pixie Dust polishes, but Zoya isn't available over here. I wasn't willing to pay the rediculous shipping fee on eBay, but I really wanted to try them. So I finally just bit the bullet and ordered some. As soon as I unwrapped this polish, I knew I did the right thing!

Zoya Carter is a deep purple polish with a lot of pink sparkle. It's a Pixie Dust polish, which means it has a textured finish. This was part of the Fall 2013 collection, so it's fairly new and is still widely available if you are lucky enough to have access to Zoya.

The formula was really nice. When I applied the first coat though, it was a little on the sheer side. I was preparing myself for a 3-coater, but it was completely opaque on the second coat and I didn't need the third. Because it's a texture, it can be a little hard to apply and I did find that it dragged a little if you go over the same spot too often. The dry time was fast, but not as fast as other textures I tried. Once it is dry though, this thing doesn't come of! I've been wearing this for 3 days now without even the slightest bit of tipwear.

Just look at that! Isn't it gorgeous? I am so happy to finally own this polish. I love it! Still... I.m not the biggest fan of the gritty feel on my nails. It snags on my  hair and clothing and it just feels... wrong... I can deal with it for a couple of days and than it just has to come off!

This is such a vibrant polish, I can't stop staring at my nails and I can't wait to try my other Pixie Dust polishes.

What's your favorite texture and have you tried the Pixie Dusts?



  1. Carter is beautiful and it looks gorgeous on you!!

  2. SO pretty and perfect for Mani Monday! ;-) I was so hesitant about the Pixie Dust polishes at first, by now I really love them! I read on Zoya's blog (at least, I think it was on their blog...) that applying a thin coat of the Pixie Dust and then wait for it to dry before you paint another coat works best and I think they're right!

    1. I wanted some Pixie Dust polishes for so long, but as you know, I had to pay a lot to get them. But boy am I glad I finally got them! Love the formula, I think they are the best textured polishes available.