OPI 4 in the morning

OPI is the brand know for coming up with new types of finishes.They came out with suede finish, crackle, spotted and the Liquid Sand finish first (as far as I know). Now, they have come up with yet another relatively new finish: Satin. It's a mat-but-not-quite, kind of finish. It's still a little shiny somehow and very glossy looking.

OPI 4 in the Morning has this satin finish. It's a very dark gunmetal grey cream in the bottle, but it dries to a gorgeous semi matte or socalled satin. I really like it, it's such a nice change from the regular shiny finish.

The formula was absolutely perfect! It applied like a dream and was opaque in almost 1 coat, but I did 2 thin ones. If you do your coats a little thicker, 1 you can definitely get away with just 1. It dried really fast and, as I've said several times allready, semi matte.

This polish came out with OPI's most recent collection, the Gwen Stefani collaberation. I love that collection, it has some really nice unique colors, like this one and some classic shades like the gorgeous Over and Over a-Gwen red (stay tuned for a full review of that polish later). This is one of my favorites though, because of the finish. It gives this polish something extra and makes it stand out on my nails. I love it and this will be a stable for me during fall and winter (and, let's be honest, I probably will rock it in spring and summer too)!

Did you pick up any of the Gwen Stefani polishes and which one is your favorite?



  1. That's such a gorgeous color! I'm not a huge fan of the matte finish, but I do like that semi-matte finish!

    1. I'm not a huge matte fan, but this I like.
      Even though it's on the matte side, it still sparkles.

  2. I love this one! When I was upgrading my stash I was thinking of buying this one but in the end I didn't. Hmm next time I might get it aswell.

  3. That is gorgeous on you. I picked it up, but have yet to swatch it, can't wait!