Zoya Blaze

This is one of my forgotten polishes. I bought this a while ago, put it in my stash and totally forgot about it! That is, untill a friend of mine send me a picture and said she really wanted this polish, because it's just gorgeous. I looked at the picture... wrinkled my forehead, deep in thought and realized I actually owned it!

So of to the Helmer I went to dig it up and slap it on my nails :D

Zoya Blaze is a deep raspberry red polish with a crapton of holo micro glitter in it. For the people who know me: yes, I said holo and I still love it! Little weird fact about me... I'm not the biggest fan of holographic polishes. I know, shocker! I think it often takes away from the great base color of a polish, especially if it has a strong linear holo. But this scattered holo glitter I like!

The formula was bang on! It flows on the nail with easy and is opaque in almost 1 coat, but 2 is better. It dries really fast and shiny and that scattered holo is amazing! It was a little hard to capture that in a picture though...

Blaze was part of the 2012 Winter Ornate collection, but is still widely available. I would definitely suggest picking this up if you haven't allready.

Am I the only one with no love for strong linear holo's?


  1. Hele mooie kleur! Ben helemaal van diep rode kleuren, top!

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  3. Oh die is wel echt heel nice! Ik ben ook geen holo-fan deze komt wel mooi tot z'n recht zo :)

  4. What a beautiful polish, looks great on you!