Blogger problems: taking pictures

Not a post about a gorgeous polish today, but something I've been struggling with for a while now and the main reason why I haven't been posting as much as normal.

Everybody who's tried to take a picture of a mani in the middle of winter, has probably come across this problem: getting the color to show up accurately!
It's been so grey and dark outside, even in the day time, that I've been having major problems with my swatches. I just can't get a decent picture to save my life! I have started to take my polish bottles to work with me, so I can take a picture as soon as I have even the slightest bit of sunlight, but that's just not always convenient as I work full time. 

I end up with pictures looking like this, a little dark, a little dull, a little blurry and not quite color accurate, with a lot of glare... Not what I want to be showing!

Polishes used for those who want to know: China Glaze Icicle and OPI Lincoln park after dark. Triangles done with nail guides from Beyond the Nail.
This has been bugging me for a while now and I've decided to take action! I've been searching the web for the best solution, but I haven't found my ideal one yet. The most common solution seems to be to take the pictures in a light box, but my iPhone doesn't want to take normal pictures when using a light box. So I've decided my first step has to be a decent camera. Nothing too fancy, just a standard point and shoot. I think the fact that I take all my pictures with my phone is one of the big reasons they're not that good.

But hunting for a nice camera leads to my next problem: what's the best camera for me? I want a camera that is affordable, easy to manage with just one hand (since I'll be taking pictures of my other hand) and has a macro option so I can finally show close ups of all those gorgeous glitters!

I looked at a lot of different camera's and came to the realization I need help! So here's where you (hopefully) come in!

As I'm a total camera newbie, I have no clue what I should be looking for! I've asked for help in store, but most people don't seem to understand why in the world I would want to take perfect pictures of my nails. Seriously, one guy started laughing until he realized I was serious...
They keep talking about pixels, zoom and all that fancy stuff that I just don't care about!

What camera do you use for swatch pictures? What's a good point and shoot camera? What kind of specs should I be looking for?

Help me, please!



  1. Poeh jeetje, lastig hoor! Ik heb een oude Sony Cybershot. Maakt opzich mooie foto's maar ook zeker geen oplossing... Feit is gewoon dat we daglicht moeten hebben!!! :-D
    Succes met je zoektocht!

    1. Ik ben ook bang dat er nooit echt een perfecte oplossing voor dit probleem gaat komen...
      Misschien moet ik gewoon maar de wintermaanden naar Australie verhuizen, heb ik het hele jaar daglicht genoeg, ha ha ha!

    2. Hahaha ja, dat is zeker een hele leuke fantasie :-P Zou wat zijn zeg, heerlijk!